Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roundy Boundy Roads

My funky mood...

Maybe the lightning bolt was for me?? To jolt me out of this funk I've been in?? I hope it works! I've decided to do three things to run for the fix!!

1. LET GO & LET GOD!!!

2. STOP letting work consume my every moment of life!!


Think it will work?? IT BETTER!!! Wish me luck! AND if anyone out there is also feeling funkish---JOIN ME ON MY THREE!! :)

Hugs from Houston!!


Hmmm.....I'm thankful it wasn't the house but not sure what kind of karma this is!?!?! WOW!! Last weekend we had a Texas sized thunderstorm (which really isn't that unusual) that sent a BIG bolt of lightning & struck our palm tree or trees. (not to mention the poor trees were already looking terrible from the FREEZES we had this winter) It scared us half to death as we were all standing by the windows directly in front of the trees! EEP!! are the pictures--what do you think? The one on the left literally had the top blown off!! You can see the top sort of hanging on the side off to the right of the tree trunk.

We aren't sure about the tree on the left?? There is a "new" leaf...errrr frond...that looks not so good there in the middle left of the top. Do you think it got hit too??

YIKES!! Glad we weren't outside in the rain (as we McCoys have been known to do) doing yardwork this time!!!