Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a BLOGGY Christmas Tour!

Merry Christmas!! And WELCOME to the bloggy tour of Christmas in my home! Big THANKS go out to BooMama for hosting this event! You should check out her blog---it is HILARIOUS ya'll --& I'm NOT kiddin'!! AND since my spectacular computer skills currently prevent me from figuring out Mr. Linky---> you can find BooMama at http://boomama.net

Ok, ok back to the tour at hand! Grab a glass of eggnog, some delicious cheeseball and let's be on with the tour!! [Recipes included at the end of the tour]

Right this way ladies! & gentlemen if any are among us :)

The Christmas tree

Stockings hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be here

My favorite Christmas greens

The little tree all in clear and white

Happy Holiday greetings atop the bookcase :)

The back door welcome!

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a favorite junkstore find on a junk hunt with Dad (the kissing Santa & Mrs. Claus) & an object made at a wonderful friend's house when we were just little girls (the stocking)

Ginny's Spiked Kicked-up-a-notch Easy Eggnog

1 carton of eggnog from store of choice
Dilute in beautiful glass pitcher with 1/3 milk (skim, 1%, 2%...they all work)
Ok...just so I'm clear 1/3 of the pitcher = milk & 2/3 of pitcher = eggnog...it's JUST too thick right out of the carton....I even do half and half sometimes ;)
3 - 6 (maybe 8) shots of Southern Comfort depending on just how spiked you want it
1/3 to 1/2 cup Splenda depending on how sweet you want it ;)

Mix all together in gorgeous pitcher. Pour into your most festive Christmas glass! Top with freshly grated (or from the seasoning rack) nutmeg. ENJOY!!

Connie's Cheeseball---FABULOUS!!
(makes 2 small or 1 large cheeseball)

2 8 oz. blocks cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup bacon bits
1/2 cup chopped green onions
1 cup Miracle Whip or mayo of choice
1 cup pecans, chopped (reserve at least 1/3 to roll ball in)

Combine all ingredients. Divide into 2 if desired. Shape into ball using cellophane wrap. Refridgerate to harden. Roll in chopped pecans prior to serving. Serve with crackers or toasted french bread rounds. YUMMY!!!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Getting ready for the holidays....

Trying to keep the energy going to take down fall and TRIM the house for Christmas!!! GOOD TIMES!!! If one goes out they all go out....!!??!##$*&&**!!!!

Betsy in a rare moment innocently resting under the tree she has tried to tear down more than 10 times in the first few hours of it being upright!!!

Odie has some objections to his Christmas outfit that I couldn't resist!

He doesn't really cooperate with picture taking in the costume either!!

He finally gives up the battle for just a few seconds!! HEEHEEHEE It was pretty funny.....I know, I know.....it could be deemed abusive to the dog to dress him in ridiculous things just for silly pictures!! :D

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Brandy!! :)

We had to say goodbye to the whole gang on a stormy day! But we managed to grab a few moments to celebrate B's birthday at a local tex-mex eatery!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!!! Hope you found a few more moments to celebrate once you were safely home!!

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:

Odie was very interested in Andy!

Opposite sides of the chair ;)

Odie isn't so sure about this! (forgive the blurry photo)

Andy is in SENSORY mode! He feels everything! It is so sweet to watch! Did I mention Mom broke her arm? Here is her little grandson checking out the green cast!

And here is Andy passing judgement on my floors!! :) Thank goodness I got to mop that spot! heehee SENSORY EXPLORER AT WORK!!

A FUN new book from Beth that ANDY LOVED!!!!!

Cold cutie all bundled up to go out in the storm!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday fun with Andy!!

There is a story that goes with these pictures :)!!!

My globe trotting father reportedly debated about what in the world to bring the baby from Italy! (note: he should NEVER EVER worry b/c he has an innate sense with gift giving)

Apparently there was a little monkey that wanted very much to visit the U.S.A. He was hanging off of a shelf when he saw the tall red bearded man come into the shop. Being a mischievous monkey (something like my beloved Curious George) he managed to climb onto the tall man's shoulder whispering his wish to traverse the ocean for America! Voila' ....the monkey's wish would come true!! After snuggling into the tightly packed suitcase of the man he now knew as Poppy, the little monkey was introduced to another red bearded man, his wife & a little redheaded boy! The stories of the monkey's homeland were rich with culture and ADVENTURE! The afternoon of listening and looking lead the redheaded family to dub the little monkey ---ROBERTO!!! It is said that Roberto and Redheaded Andy live to this day happily as BFF's forever!!

REALLY IT IS ALL TRUE! I have the pictures to prove it :) See below:

Andy & his BFF Roberto!

Andy LOVES Roberto!!

SO CUTE!! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Weekend!

I was blessed to have my family come to Houston for the Thanksgiving holidays! I miss them all and it was truly wonderful to have them in the new home! I keep the belief that my house SMILES when it is full!

We had fun watching the now quadriped Andy (LOOK OUT WORLD!!), cooking, chatting, eating, etc. We had a wonderful visit with a close friend of the family who was kidnapped by us all for an extra night! It was terrific to catch up and enjoy good times together again! Thanks go out for making the trip down to my Austin Aunt! :)

I'll be brief here so to get on with the Andy pics ;):

On all 4's & soon to be crawling!

My first Thanksgiving table with lots of Dad's help & creativity ;)

Did anyone else feel like this after dinner?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Where is this year going? ACK!!

I hardly know where time flies and why it is in such a hurry these days!!??!!?? I have been the worst blogger ever! I will try to remedy that as the holiday season (one of my FAVE times of the year) approaches ever so quickly!!!!

I will backdate a few posts to catch those up who peruse my blog!!!! I have some WONDERFUL ANDY PICS from my recent trip home :) that make an aunt *BEAM*!!!! :)

Speaking of aunts......I am missing two! ;) Are you girls out there? I MUST find a moment to call and make sure you are both doing well! So this is my shout out to my Texas and Arkansas "aunts" in bloggy fashion!! HUGS & LOVE from Houston!! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2007!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! What a fall fiesta did the Malwitz gang of the Lakota tribe from the Dakotas have this weekend!!!! Runs-with-sticks, Chief Fuzzy-bear, & Shining-sun make an incredible trio when it comes to food planning for an event....or even just for a weekend around the house-->ROFL!! :) It was pumpkiny, spooky & fun in all sorts of ways!! :)

We even carved some COOL pumpkins! Feral-cat & Shining-sun pulled out the power tools...destroyed the kitchen...but ended with the best pumpkins they ever did carve!

The homemade breadbowls made the chili even MORE terrific...and topped off with a cold one...even BETTER!!

The Vampire Kiss Martini was much more fun LOOKING than it tasted!! :P

The pumpkin dip with BAT chips was a hit too!!

Brave little ones enjoyed my "SCARY" kid drinks complete with blood and stabbed eyeballs!

Now we KNOW why the Dremel tool & pumpkin combination is an OUTDOOR project! :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Anniversary #7!

Where was I seven years ago today? Hmmmm........very sleep deprived....a bit nervous...excited.....and shocked that we actually made it to the wedding day with no serious injuries from the "critical pathway" I established to lead up to the event!

Happy Anniversary honey!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Creels come to town!! :)

One of my favorite families came to visit this weekend!! Boy, did we have a good time! These beauties are my godchildren who have made many appearances here on Ginnydreamin! Miltie is a FAB photographer....she makes me SO jealous!!! I must share some of the great photos she took of their weekend in Texas!

Beauty in the pool! ....and yes, the water is starting to get a bit chilly but she didn't care!!! :) [a girl after my own heart!]

Evidence of the plant invasion on our patio!!

Beauty and a cutie!! :) They are the sweetest sisters! :)

How terrific they look all dressed up! :) My two 'babies' are almost all grown up and the little one is just precious!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yep! More Andy pics!!

I can't resist sharing a few more pictures from the weekend at home! That nephew of mine is A-DORABLE!!! (of course I'm quite biased on this matter)

Living for these smiles and giggles!!! Andy gives them freely to Mama, Daddy, Nonna & Poppy! I had to come up with a trick to get mine!! :)

Poodle love starts early in our family! Bet you can't figure where Andy got those beautiful eyes?? ;) (you may have to double click the photo to figure that out) There is a bit of genealogy fun in this pic as well! Check out the 'Kaluoosh nanni' that my sweet nephew has....it brings reminiscence of a story told by teachers in our family on an Indian reservation!

There is NO DENYING who this boy's father is!!! :) :D *BEAM*

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I went HOME :) to visit for Dad's birthday!!!! It was wonderful to be there and have a few moments to soak up some "homevibe"...AND bask in the love & conversation with the folks, sibs, and ANDY!!!!! :D I do miss being close to home but it sure does make me appreciate it when a have a chance to go back! My SO didn't make it b/c of "on-call" responsibilities! He was missed by the whole gang....even me! *rofl*

I know all anyone wants to really see are the pics of my sweet little ANDY so here goes:

Note the bib that says "My Aunt Loves Me" :)

See those beautiful baby blues!

Yes, although adorable now....the poor child inherited the McCoy FOOT!! :)

The voyage run for this highchair that has been waiting a VERY LONG time for an occupant!! AND....yes, sweet potatoes are a two person feeding job! :)

This pic makes me a little misty ;) ...Andy has Poppy's thumb while Nonna looks on!

Andy speaks to Poppy about the possibility of sharing some of his birthday cake! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buon Compleanno Babbino!

Happy Birthday wishes out to my recent globe trotting Dad!! I hope your birthday weekend was all you wanted it to be Dad!! Buon Compleanno! I love you!! I MISS YOU BUNCHES!!!!!

As you can see, he hasn't lost his touch with the bambinos!! :) Isn't that the sweetest picture? :)

Ciao darling!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Color dilemma!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Help me figure out what color to paint my living room because after a day of pondering....I'm thinking off-white!! *ROFL* We have four choices on the wall along with the splotches of Kilz and the original color!!! YIKES! Who knew these decisions could be so hard!! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Smiling house! Happy Labor Day!

Does anyone remember that adorable story from when we were kids about the house that was really happy? (The story goes that a city gets built up around the house, making it sad but at the end a family buys the house and moves it to the country again and house is happy forevermore!!)

ANYWAY--> I have learned how to make my house smile!! All it takes is lots of family & friends who have had a good time, eaten good food, laughed heartily and have filled all of the beds in the house (plus some air mattresses) when they lay down for the night! It is in THAT moment that the house SMILES!!!! :)