Monday, October 15, 2007

Yep! More Andy pics!!

I can't resist sharing a few more pictures from the weekend at home! That nephew of mine is A-DORABLE!!! (of course I'm quite biased on this matter)

Living for these smiles and giggles!!! Andy gives them freely to Mama, Daddy, Nonna & Poppy! I had to come up with a trick to get mine!! :)

Poodle love starts early in our family! Bet you can't figure where Andy got those beautiful eyes?? ;) (you may have to double click the photo to figure that out) There is a bit of genealogy fun in this pic as well! Check out the 'Kaluoosh nanni' that my sweet nephew brings reminiscence of a story told by teachers in our family on an Indian reservation!

There is NO DENYING who this boy's father is!!! :) :D *BEAM*

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