Tuesday, December 15, 2009

These are RIDICULOUS!!

& FUNNY!!! I promise not to do another silly ELFYOURSELF video but I strongly encourage anyone reading this to try it out with your own friends and family!! SO FUN!! It cracks me up completely!! :)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

THIS should crack a smile!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Don't forget to pause the music in the righthand column! This is hysterical!!! Especially the part with me and B breakdancing!!! :) ROFL!!!!! Enjoy the full body chuckle everyone!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

More stolen pictures from Emme's big day!!

I have to publish these precious pics (again sniped from Mom's camera) that give us all a bigger glimpse into Brandy's birthday AND Emme's birth day!!

My brother is such a sweet husband! He made B a jello cake because he knew she would be only able to have clear liquids today!! Isn't that the coolest thing ever??!! I was SERIOUSLY impressed and from what I heard B was too!

Here is the big brother giving his sister the gift he picked out while shopping with Nonna and Poppa!! SO CUTE!!!

Love this pic too!! :)

OMG! SO SWEET!! I can't wait to see this IRL!! :)

Andy's Day with Nonna!

I'm a lucky girl and was privy to stealing pictures from Mom's camera documenting her day with Andy while his baby sister was entering the world!! They spent the day outside and in the garden!!! ANYONE KNOWING NONNA SURPRISED BY THIS??? Check out the adorable pictures she captured of the big brother in his adventurous day with Nonna!!


Making privet roses! Remember doing this Jake??

Helping with the pepper harvest!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent a quiet Thanksgiving with only 4 this year. Jeff, Brandy, Andy & Emme got discharged from the hospital today and will have Mi-mi (Brandy's Mom) helping them out for the first week or so. We missed having the whole family together! It is nice to have the reason being our family is expanding again! :)

Mom & Dad graciously came out to help Matt and I on the critical pathway to the Christmas party! I am throwing my first annual Christmas shindig for my staff at the hospital! I hope we can get some big things done because the party is in two short weeks!! ACK!!!!

Wish us luck!!! I'll keep you all posted! :)

Here is a shot of the Thanksgiving table...

This year I am so thankful for my health, my husband, my loving family, the newest little one to enter the McCoy world, my ADORABLE nephew who constantly makes me smile, my job, my wonderful friends both near and far, and the fabulous moments happening daily that make life worth living!! :) It's all about the little things! :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

Sending much love from Houston!! What are YOU most thankful for??

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brought to tears...

I have been a ball of emotion today FULL of excitement that my little niece has come into the world safely...praying for scores of angels to watch over Brandy and the baby on the way...HAPPY that our small family is being blessed with growth again...sad that I am not in the middle of the action where I am most comfortable and happy...I have had a "grip" all day...with only a few tears when hearing the "She's here" news. Overall--very proud of myself for keeping it together.

BUT (you all felt that "But" coming, didn't you?) when I saw the pictures below a few moments ago--> I became a hot mess! I am SO smitten with my Andy! When I see his little face looking at and holding his new sister--it just melts me from the inside! It is one of those "thinking about life" moments! It brings a flood of memories of how lucky I am to have the best little brother in the world! Our relationship has always been super close...our family has been through many trials & tribulations coming out of each with all of us even closer. I pray that Andy & Emme can be as close as Jeff and I have been! I can hardly wait to watch them grow up! I wish for them many days of making mudpies...playing Mardi Gras...jumping on tractor tires...playing in sand boxes...playing house...playing with trucks/cars AND dolls...watching cartoons together...waking up for Santa together...riding bikes...getting dirty...splashing in the hose...water balloon fights...and yes, even the fights! Godspeed little ones...

I'm SO happy for my little bro and sis-in-law! They are so deserving of these two beautiful children! I'm so happy to be an Auntie again! I can only hope to do as great of a job as my Aunt Harriett! (Maybe she'll send me guidance)

Here come the adorable pics that caused you all to have to "listen" to my emotional flood! Thanks for coming along on my bloggy journey!

Little Mary Elizabeth is here!! :)

I'm so happy to announce that my little niece was born today around 12:50ish as best I have been told!! Her name is Mary Elizabeth! Her nickname will be her initials spelled LONG (or actually spelled backwards then forwards again *heehee*)--> Emme! She weighed 7# 14oz. & is 18.75 inches long! They "say" she has red hair but the picture I have seen doesn't look very red to me??? Maybe its auburn or maybe they have all gone color blind??? I'll post the facts when I see more evidence :) I'm praying that whatever color it is---> she hopefully inherited her Mama's beautiful curls!! :)

Poppa X was there representing all of the absent McCoys and calling out the updates to the girls while Nonna spent the morning and afternoon with Andy!!!! Brandy did great and is out of recovery in her room with the precious bundle of joy! Jeff is the proud Daddy handling everything else!! :)

I am SO sad to be in Houston now but SO HAPPY both mother and daughter (who now share a birthday) are doing well!!! I have been getting frequent updates from the homefront and a peek at some beautiful pictures of our newest family member!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDY!!!! I'm SO HAPPY you and little Emme are safe!! What a great birthday present--> a bouncing baby girl!! CONGRATS TO YOU, JEFF & ANDY!!!

Andy has already gotten to hold his little sis!! Nonna & Poppa say he was really sweet saying "my sister." I hope there are many pictures of that moment for us all to see SOON!!

YAY!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited to be an Auntie AGAIN!! :) Enjoy the pictures I sniped from Jeff's blog below:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Northwest Houston Heart Walk!

We started the morning bright and early with the American Heart Association's Heart Walk! Our GREEN BEAN team had lots of fun walking and chatting together! The weather was perfect! I was just wishing for shorts by the end! :) Now I think its time for a quick nap! *heehee*

THEN--> ON to the dreaded critical pathway!! *LOL* Someone be sure to ask my husband if he still loves me after this Christmas party is done!! Yeah....seriously! :)

Part of the Green Bean Team before the walk starts!
On the way to the starting line!

The Kaminskis are in the house!
Fun along the route!
Hot yet??

Stop! Strike a pose! ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bike Houston's 37th Moonlight Ramble

Happy Belated Halloween Everyone!!! We spent the day preparing for our early morning ride through downtown Houston for some Moonlight Madness!!! :) It was quite chilly at 47 degrees but there were around 1300 other whacky folks that participated in what was termed "a rolling party!"

As my "voyage" organized "open route" ride [which really means "pray-for-your-life-because-drivers-don't-like-cyclists"], I entered the evening with a few nerves! Thanks to all of my cycling angels above....M & I had a safe and superfun ride! It was a short one at 10 miles but energizing in every way! :)

I just have to share a few things I learned last night:
1. Houston Police are SERIOUS about biking rules of the road. NO FUNNY BUSINESS!
2. You MUST give loose gravel and sand on the road proper RESPECT! :)
3. Someone shouting "CAR BACK" means MOVE OVER DUMMY!!!
4. Biker shorts were invented for a reason!
5. I have a new appreciation for an open route especially when involving possibly drunk Halloween party-goers & confused drivers as to why there are ?*##!!^**"?! bicyclists riding in the middle of the night! LIGHT YOURSELF AND YOUR BIKE PEOPLE!! Seriously--why would anyone question the need for that?????!!

I'm hoping to get a gang of friends to participate in this event next year! SO ANYONE interested---> let me know! Remember--> a ROLLING party!! WOOHOO!!

A blurry view of our position at the starting line...I think we were in the 7th wave to start! (Remember my night photo skills leave a lot to be desired!)

AT the finish line!! WOOT!! (My self portrait skills need some work as well! heehee)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cy-Fair Pumpkins!!

My department at the hospital continues to amaze me! The hospital sponsored a pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween. Rules stated we couldn't cut or carve the pumpkin...and nothing scary or gory either since they would be displayed in the hospital on judging day. One of the contest organizers was quick to tell me that my group has "never really participated" in this event so was I "SURE" that I wanted one pumpkin for each group?? I thought....what the heck....let's give it a shot!(I hate when people DOUBT so easily!) SO--> I left each bunch a pumpkin the night before the event started slap in the middle of their "areas" with copies of the contest rules and a note from me that said "Your challenge is to create this pumpkin into something! My only stipulation is that we all HAVE FUN in the process! Good Luck!" I then left the bare little pumpkins' fate in the hands of my therapists and staff! (praying we would get at least a face drawn on some of them!)

WOW!! Was I THRILLED!!! AND SO PROUD!!! Not only did they all participate but they all GOT WAY INTO IT!!! It was definitely a week of teamwork & FUN with many laughs and LOTS of creativity! The icing on the cake is that we "cleaned house" when the awards were announced! We WON three of the four categories for the whole hospital! YAY SPORTS MED & REHAB!!!!!

Check out these hilarious medically themed pumpkins below:
Introducing Cy F. Banks from Wound care & Hyperbaric Medicine! This guy got the prize for "Best of Show"!! For those of you who may have never seen a hyperbaric chamber---that is what he is laying inside. Poor Cy even got a "staged" doppler study and real MD orders from his physician!
The official medical chart for Cy is what put him over the top! It was really funny! Check out his previous hospital stays! You may have to double click this pic to really see the chart. *LMAO*
Granny D. Licious from Outpatient Physical Therapy! She won "Best Medical" pumpkin
OT and Speech did a spoof on the Pain Scale! No prize for this one but it got a lot of laughs!
Meet Hal O. Cise! He is CRAZY for CARDIAC REHAB!! :) Hal won "Funniest" pumpkin!

Friday, October 23, 2009

They're still going...and going...and going

The boys just kept going and going! They tore down and built back our fence by the house. They replaced outdoor motion lights. It was terrific! I might have to give us a point with all this progress! So I think that would put us at: Malwitzs 1 -- House 7! *heehee*

Dad and I went on a fun thrift store spree! We found a few fun things to use decorating for the upcoming Christmas party!! OH YES--there is a loosely followed critical pathway! :)

I whipped up a YUMMY belated birthday dinner for Dad! Matt helped with amazing grill performance! I hated to see the visit come to an end! I never want to see my loved ones go back home.
My crew hard at work!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dad to town--PROJECTS ABOUND!!

MANY MANY THANKS to my FABULOUS father!!! I don't know WHY I'm lucky enough to have him?? :) But I'm SURE glad I DO!!

Dad came for a little visit! I got an incredible surprise when I got home by a beautifully decorated porch!! Fall mums...pumpkins...& beautiful Crotons! Thanks for the surprise Dad! You ROCK!

He & Matt worked like crazy tearing down the hideous spa that graced our tiny backyard!! SO PLEASE participate in the quiz--> How many trash bags DO YOU think it took to put an entire 8' x 8' spa into so that it could be placed on the curb for garbage pick up?? OH YES--> the neighbors must be LOVING this one!! (Remember there is a bit of whackiness that runs in the family *ROFL*)


How many trash bags did it take? Anyone have a guess for me??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Departure day...

It was a nippy morning when we left Wisconsin at 35 degrees...and we did it with two heavy hearts. Leaving family is never easy but this departure was especially hard. Prayers for healing & comfort will be near constant now.

We had a great trip! I really enjoyed getting to see this little town. If any of you want to find a true gem of a town hidden in the North Woods--you should make your way to Antigo, Wisconsin. It is full of my hubby's family history!

Matt is so blessed to have this close knit large family! I loved the tour...the experiences...the stories...the laughter...

Matt & his Mama :) This lady LOVES her boys!

Leaves of Gold

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our visit to the North Woods!

We have had an amazing trip to Wisconsin so far!!! It has been wonderful to see all of Matt's family! Mama Bird and Aunt Mary picked us up when we FINALLY made it to Mosinee, WI around midnight! ACK!! We got to stay in the most comfortable little cottage of the Pineapple Princess! It was so great to soak up the goodness and vibe that is Matt's grandmother! Grandma Dodo is truly an angel with the sweetest smile. She is a beautiful person inside and out! We are so thrilled that we got to spend time with her visiting in the Hermann hometown of Antigo!

Aunt Mary hosted us in her FAB apartment for a fish fry! YUM! She set a gorgeous table and we had a really great visit! Auntie M TOTALLY rocks!

When I say the North Woods are incredible....WOW! Thanks so much to Uncle Bill for taking us trekking in the woods! [We missed seeing Kathy :( but will give her a little HI here!] It makes me realize how little season change we have down south to see the array of COLOR in the trees. (& we apparently missed the best time to see it!)

We also spent a fantastic evening with Uncle Gerry, Aunt Cathy, Kim & Carina via webcam!! I had my first Michelada which is hilarious if you think how close we live to Mexico....and my 1st taste was in Wisconsin! *LOL* We munched down some delicious brats & potato salad! The company was GREAT! We had a good time! Thanks so much you guys!! Ya'll are awesome!

I missed the snow by a day! Here is a sneak peek I found hiding by a lake!

I love moss! It's just so pretty, isn't it?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wisconsin Bound!

We are headed out to the north country today for a visit with Matt's family! We can hardly wait to see Grandma Dodo, Mama Bird & Auntie M!!! We hope to snag a quick HI to some of his Uncles & Aunties too! It is supposed to be COLD!!! BRRRRRRRrrrrrrr.......

Stay tuned for the details.....AND for the bloggy posts from last weekend with my favorite nephew!! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

This is a birthday shout-out for my Dad!!!! He is quite possibly the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! Hope your day was FABULOUS!!!! I love you!! :)

Let's make COOKIES!!! :)

For all of you who don't know....I LOVE LOVE LOVE cookie cutters and have been building a crazy collection of them for years! Since Andy was BORN...I have wanted to make cookies with him! *happydance* *clap* I GOT MY WISH!!! It was SOOOOOOOOO worth the wait!! Thanks SOOO much to my hubby who captured these moments forever on film! It was one of those experiences that make you want to freeze time because every second of it was fabulous!!! :)

He was really listening! Isn't that the sweetest?? I could NOT believe the attention span he had for this!!! 2 years old & Amazing!

Check out his bracelets!! So FUNNY! :) It took him a minute to be OK with the mess too!
Rolling out the dough...

Cutting out the shapes...
More cookie cutting....
SO proud of his cookies...! What a fun time!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin'! Happy Fall!

Saturday found us at the pumpkin patch! It was a beautiful day! Sunny bright blue sky and just a hint of cool in the air! SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! I was SO blessed to be able to spend it with my family! I think we all had a great time! Everyone that wanted to picked their very own pumpkin to take home....mine is the fairy tale pumpkin that is perfectly quirky! See--->always aspiring to be in dreamland!

Enjoy the pics!
My little bro, sweet SIL :) & their little man!

This was the HIT of the day! We had a supreme meltdown in order to literally tear him away from the slide! It was so much fun to watch him climb up with a literal LINE of older faster impatient kids behind him....but he wasn't backing down and made it to the top all by himself MANY times!! I LOVE his spirit! ALL ABOUT THE FUN!!

Taking a break for Aunt Ginny papparazzi while climbing in the piles of pumpkins! :)

We EVEN got to go on a HAYRIDE!!!!! It just isn't the full experience without a hay ride!! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

YAY!! Andy & family are here!!!

My favorite little one came to see me!! He is all about doing it "myself" these days. He goes ninety miles an hour and loves to have a good time. His giggle is COMPLETELY infectious and his smile melts my heart! Can you tell I adore this kid?? I know I'm ridiculously smitten...but I love it!

I can't squelch the OT in me....so I got some triangular crayons to see how he is doing in the fine motor skill department!! :) Check out the pics below--> beautiful developing tripod grasp in BOTH hands....so which will it be? A lefty like his Daddy? OR right dominant? (B-->which are you?) It was so much fun to watch him starting to name his colors...he still gets some of them confused but most are correct!! "Puuuuple...Geeeeen.....RED!!!"

Left? He says "Bown"....still working on those R's!!

Hmmmm....left again! Really in the pics I took it was an almost even use of left and right...

Doing really well with the right hand too!!

I couldn't resist sharing this one even though its a little blurry! Andy has had a fascination with Uncle Matt's hat since he was about 7 months old!! Two things have been constants since he was just a little baby....his joy from being buddies with Odie and his love of Matt's hat! He found it in the office and wasted NO time in popping it on his head--what a cutie!!! {Don't tell anyone but Uncle Matt LOVES this little obsession too!}