Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dad to town--PROJECTS ABOUND!!

MANY MANY THANKS to my FABULOUS father!!! I don't know WHY I'm lucky enough to have him?? :) But I'm SURE glad I DO!!

Dad came for a little visit! I got an incredible surprise when I got home by a beautifully decorated porch!! Fall mums...pumpkins...& beautiful Crotons! Thanks for the surprise Dad! You ROCK!

He & Matt worked like crazy tearing down the hideous spa that graced our tiny backyard!! SO PLEASE participate in the quiz--> How many trash bags DO YOU think it took to put an entire 8' x 8' spa into so that it could be placed on the curb for garbage pick up?? OH YES--> the neighbors must be LOVING this one!! (Remember there is a bit of whackiness that runs in the family *ROFL*)


How many trash bags did it take? Anyone have a guess for me??

1 comment:

Jeff, Brandy and Andy said...

I am guessing 20 bags! That thing was huge!