Friday, October 9, 2009

YAY!! Andy & family are here!!!

My favorite little one came to see me!! He is all about doing it "myself" these days. He goes ninety miles an hour and loves to have a good time. His giggle is COMPLETELY infectious and his smile melts my heart! Can you tell I adore this kid?? I know I'm ridiculously smitten...but I love it!

I can't squelch the OT in I got some triangular crayons to see how he is doing in the fine motor skill department!! :) Check out the pics below--> beautiful developing tripod grasp in BOTH which will it be? A lefty like his Daddy? OR right dominant? (B-->which are you?) It was so much fun to watch him starting to name his colors...he still gets some of them confused but most are correct!! "Puuuuple...Geeeeen.....RED!!!"

Left? He says "Bown"....still working on those R's!!

Hmmmm....left again! Really in the pics I took it was an almost even use of left and right...

Doing really well with the right hand too!!

I couldn't resist sharing this one even though its a little blurry! Andy has had a fascination with Uncle Matt's hat since he was about 7 months old!! Two things have been constants since he was just a little baby....his joy from being buddies with Odie and his love of Matt's hat! He found it in the office and wasted NO time in popping it on his head--what a cutie!!! {Don't tell anyone but Uncle Matt LOVES this little obsession too!}

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