Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't know why...

Today was the sixth time this video has come across my email and desk. It humbles me since only one of the sources directing me to it have known any of my thoughts/feelings on the subject. So-->I will send it out again into the world still wondering why I have stumbled across it so often. Get a tissue if you watch...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Awesome roll!

OK, understand that now, as a homeowner, my initial thoughts when I saw this sight are alarming even to me! BUT HAVE YOU EVER.....I MEAN REALLY EVER....SEEN A BETTER JOB OF ROLLING A HOUSE THAN THIS????? WOW!!! I know, I know....supposed to be an adult now and not encourage this type of thing....and AS A HOMEOWNER it is horrifying to think you may one day wake up to this and have to face cleaning it up!! YIKES!! Even with all that in mind, I still send out kudos to the spectacle just a few houses down from me this morning! OK--> have to put in a disclaimer here to say that ALL houses in which I participated in the ROLL.....(even though one involved a trip to the hospital..oops)...I ALSO participated in the clean up day!!! That is true!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Blog-go-round!

I'm still making an attempt at blog upkeep! My house upkeep and newly revised 2-year unpacking plan...not to mention 45+ hour work week, have all contributed to my lack of blogging and phone calling! BUT YA KNOW I'VE GOT MORE BILLS THAN FRIENDS NOW!! *LOL* So my neglected friend, Miltie, continues to "tag" me with memes and blog-go-rounds in hopes that I keep on blogging!!! So I keep on trying to post them for whomever is reading! :) Here goes:

Tagged by Miltie :) (this isn't really a surprise anymore since she is my ONLY bloggin buddy!)


Sound - rain on a tin roof
Late night snack - popcorn
Smell - bread baking
Color combination - Chocolate brown and red [or bright green]
Nut - pecan
Time of the year - fall
Author - Pearl S. Buck
Books - love them all
Vegetable - green beans & brocolli
Male Actor - hmm...let's see Sidney Poitier...Gene Kelley...Anthony Hopkins...Richard Gere is definitely a hunk (oh but that wasn't the question)...more recent love Johnny Depp
Flower - any flower :)
Vacation spot - Hawaii so far but have dreams to visit Italy, Australia, Spain, Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, etc.
Pizza - Super supreme
Sport to play - I'm pretty terrible at all of a mean badmitton game ;)
Subject in school - English
TV channel - Discovery
Radio station - have not found a suitable one in TX YET :(
Holiday - Christmas
Perfume - Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret
Shoes - NONE :)
Candy - See's Candy from San Fran yummy!
City to shop - ???any one in which I have money!! :D
Female actress - Audrey Hepburn & Katherine Hepburn (did you know they are NOT related?) Reese Witherspoon gets a fabulous southern belle vote for the recent girlies! :)
Beauty products - lip gloss/stick....but really I hate them all :)
Item to shop for - HOME DECOR!!

Now I'm tagging NOONE yet again...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Feel your arteries clogging??

I think we have been eating from the moment we hit Baton Rouge until the moment we exited the state! Can anyone identify THIS pic?? Yes, that is the real thing....CRACKLIN'S! We stopped for boudin and alligator meat on the way back to TX and I couldn't help but get M a taste of his first cracklin!! NOW CHER THAT IS GOOD EATS!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Everyone knows how much I love those folks at the Frog Farm on White Chapel Road in Mississippi, right??!!?? :) I DO MISS THEM TREMENDOUSLY!!! I'll include some Andy pics here since he is STILL cute as a button!! The weekend was full of MUCH talking, laughing, hanging out with the fam, and of course there is Mom's AWESOME cooking!! :)
Andy can't deny his Daddy with that RED head or his Mommy with those beautiful BLUE eyes!! He's going to be a heartbreaker! :) The word on the street is redheads will be extinct by the year 2060 so that makes my little nephew a hot one for sure! :)

Congratulations Amy & Matt!!

Matt and I went home for a beautiful wedding! It was hot but picture perfect in every way! The best part was seeing a dream realized for a really special friend! It was wonderful to see many of our friends from Baton Rouge who we miss dearly. We truly had a terrific time in the Red Stick!

I don't think we realized how much we are missing Louisiana! It was great to be soaking up the purple and gold vibe again! We especially enjoyed the rumors about the "new" Mike that may be unveiled by the first LSU football game...back to the Chimes for a cold beer and some blackened gator...chatting with friends we have not seen nearly enough...and of course REMINISCING days gone by!! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How exactly did it get to be August??

OH NO!!!!! Another month is gone!!!! I have heard a murmuring that I should perhaps update my blog!! :D I have been so BUSY!!!! .....unfortunately only at work! :P Thank goodness I have been enjoying the job but it IS getting OLD already to be working 10 to 12 hour days consistently!!!! I have a new respect for all of the folks who do this all the time!! WOW!! I really have moments that I think if I just brought a change of clothes it would be more efficient for me to sleep on one of the mats at work.....I mean we DO have a shower....even a pool for some quick recreation in the middle of the night when the gym is FINALLY free of patients!!! ....BUT ODIE would miss me so I can't do that!! :)

OK...I will make an attempt to fill in a few details of the last month below so read down (starting with 7/12/07) if you'd like to be updated on the mundane events of the McMalwitz's!!! *heehee*

Monday, August 6, 2007

OK Miltie, I'll update my blog!

I've been tagged again with a meme by my BFF Miltie!! Utiya!! So here goes a meme supposed to be answered with ONLY ONE WORD!!!!

Yourself: SILLY
Your partner: GAMER
Your hair: AUBURNISH
Your mother: LOVED
Your father: FRIEND
Your favorite item: NONE
Your dream last night: RELENTLESS
Your favorite drink: MALT
Your dream car: CONVERTIBLE
Dream home: HAWAII
The room you are in: OFFICE
Your fear: DROWNING
What you are great at: LISTENING
Where you want to be in 10 years: NOCLUE
Who you hung out with last night: ODIE
You're not: TYPE-A
One of your wish list items: MAID
The last thing you did: WRITE
You are wearing: PJs
Your favorite weather: FALL
Your favorite book: NOCLUE
Last thing you ate: CHEESE
Your life: FORTUNATE
Your best friend: SECRET
What are you thinking about right now: PIZZA
Your car: BEETLE
What are you doing at the moment: TYPING
Relationship status: MARRIED
What is on your t.v: NATIONALGEO
When is the last time you laughed: 5MINUTESAGO

and AGAIN I will tag noone since I am a lonely blogger with only one bloggin' friend...

In an effort to be more creative...

I have been in a creative LULL in my life! :( In an effort to kick myself back into a more fun whacky inspirational place--->I bought a crazy how-to book!!! I THINK if I need a how-to book for creativity I have hit a new sad place!! *ROFL* Anyway, it's good for a few laughs!! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Malwitz sleepover!!

Don't you love a weekend where you can get up a bit after the crack of dawn, brew an awesome pot of coffee and quietly sip its deliciousness while you create a terrific breakfast for the household??

We spent a fun weekend with all the Malwitz Texas transplants! I loved it since I got to cook some yummy goodies for everyone to enjoy! I even convinced my SO to try quiche!! I think he liked it! He likes it! He likes it!

The boys gamed, girls chatted and I even got some boxes unpacked! YAY!! All in all a good time was had!