Monday, March 12, 2007

Found my dream home!!

If I only had 2.5 mil--THEN I could buy it!! It only has 3 bedrooms! It was built with inspiration from Evergreen Plantation. Yes, I could live there if I was rich and still had money left over for some cleaning help...and maybe a yard boy! The property isn't complete --> there is absolutely NO POOL and that WON'T do at all!! I would also have to build a barn for the horses.....then there is my cute little chicken coop that I want for my fluffy chickens.... I suppose a home improvement loan right away would be necessary to reach all of my housing goals!


A must for driving!

"You HAVE to get a key map!!"

We heard this SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times when receiving words of wisdom re: moving to Houston. We even received one from some friends who are moving away and thought...."yes, this may come in handy one day." Let me just say THANK GOODNESS I put the not-so-little jewel into the truck with us this weekend. As maps go this thing is a monster!!! BUT--> NOW WE JOIN THE RANKS OF SOON-TO-BE & NEW HOUSTON CITIZENS who give the advice "YOU NEED A KEY MAP!!!" THANKS SO MUCH Brad & Jen for the Key Map!!!! It got MUCH use this weekend!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

A great flick!

GO see 300!!! ESPECIALLY if you appreciate the male physique---> GO SEE 300!! However, if you really don't like bloody violent movies---stay home! :D

Yea, we looked at some neighborhoods! Crossed a few off as DON'T LIVE HERE!!! Put a few on the "not terrible" list. Even found a couple real possibilities! House hunting is not so much fun!

BRATS & BEER finished the day with good company and a nice fire outside! AHHHHH unemployed life is great!

Houston bound-->

'Kids' sure are a pain! *heehee* Here is Odie not-so-patiently-waiting to go see his peeps at Port Branch!! I'm thinking puppies are good precursors to ACTUAL kids...and not the cute little goat kind! :D

We are outta here for the weekend to peruse subdivisions looking for our little postage stamp in the sea of houses in Houston!! WISH US LUCK!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mountains rising!!

My apartment is beginning to look like a storage unit! BOXES EVERYWHERE!!! Boring day for the most part....still packing!!

BETSY is just thrilled with her new jungle gym!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You don't see this every day!!

Unless you live in south Louisiana!! :) While on an errand to the 'boonies' for Mom I couldn't believe the quasi-permanent sign so I had to pull over to snap a pic to prove its existence! Whod'av thunk it?? I love living in the south!! :) You just can't find local "flavor" like that everywhere! :)

The other pictures are part of what I was retrieving on my buying trip for Mom--aren't they gorgeous??? One of my friends today said, "So is this what unemployed people do with their day?" YEP-->I'm a errand girl...a gopher...WOOOOHOOO!! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A new game!

One of our "kiddies"--the kitty, has a new game! Jumping up to "attack" your hand/head/whatever she can reach from underneath our mattress at the top of our headboard! It is quite hilarious and SHE thinks it is GREAT fun!

I actually got some packing done today and have nearly finished our TAXES!! WOW-------->this really is amazing for me since I pride myself on how many minutes I am away from the 4/15 midnight deadline every year!

The other picture is AN ACTUAL BLOOM on one of my orchids that opened while we were in Hawaii...I'm so happy that I thought I would share! :D :)


I don't have a lot to report today (as my life pales in comparison to the vacation in Hawaii) so you are stuck with a shot of the Ginnyisms in my car! Placed there to keep me psuedo-focused in times of need... :) [and YES, I am aware that you can't read or see any of said Ginnyisms...have I mentioned that my photography skills are 'beginner' at best] ANYWHO--> hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week while I try to fill my unemployed days up with things that MUST be done!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Check this out!

Hawaii's got nothing on this! :) This fantastic sunset happened on my way home tonight after a weekend resembling a comedy of errors!!! The picture doesn't do it justice...just take my word for it! {and NO, of course I wasn't taking pictures while driving!}

Here's the good news-->the car is now running, we DID make it to Mississippi, we are now back home to mortgagehunt/househunt/pack/etc/etc... Did I tell you that this unemployed thing is starting to freak me out??????

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Maybe I should say STILL packing??!?? I'm also STILL moving slow! :D I don't think it can continue to be blamed on jet lag! My "list" is SOOOOOOOOOOOO long and maybe unrealistic (heehee) for the next month but LET'S GO SEE how it plays out!!

This pic is an afterthought I had........Killemz........did he mean me??? or the fish??? *rofl* :D

Going away bash!!

There are times in life when the things your friends do for you make you stop and realize how truly blessed you are.

Tonight my girls from work threw a wine and cheese bash that was both elegant and amazing!! It was one of the sweetest things ever! Everything was beautiful! ...and delicious! {Many of you KNOW I am a wine-o at heart so it was just a perfect party for me!} I had a fantastic time and it was so great to see everyone before I travel on to the lone star state!

The pics are a few snapped randomly tonight!

Thank you so much Amy, Ashley & Ruth for all of the trouble you went to making the evening super special for me! I love you all bunches!! It meant more than I'm sure I'll ever manage to express!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stories left untold...

OK...I'll tell you about one of them! ;) We just don't have the incredible range of warning signs here on the mainland that they get in Hawaii. I was simply amazed by this and snapped a few pics of them to share. It was very interesting...

Other stories that I suppose will remain untold until I get to bore you in person with the Hawaii 2007 tales... one lane bridges, little green church, photographing the photographer, windward trade winds, Glass beach, feeding the birds, windy at the Pali, 'recipe' sharing at the grocery store, enormous magnificent whales, orchid packing tips, Explorer Bob, prospecting a cave , my tips for marriage counseling, and geckos up close & personal! I still can't believe we are back home!! It is NICE to snuggle into your own bed after being away from it! :)