Monday, March 12, 2007

Found my dream home!!

If I only had 2.5 mil--THEN I could buy it!! It only has 3 bedrooms! It was built with inspiration from Evergreen Plantation. Yes, I could live there if I was rich and still had money left over for some cleaning help...and maybe a yard boy! The property isn't complete --> there is absolutely NO POOL and that WON'T do at all!! I would also have to build a barn for the horses.....then there is my cute little chicken coop that I want for my fluffy chickens.... I suppose a home improvement loan right away would be necessary to reach all of my housing goals!



MississippiZen said...

no pool....that means no pool keep looking ;)

JeffandB said...

Certainly wouldn't want that little thing if it has no pool...I mean if you are going to go slumming. Glad to hear that you are having SO much fun house hunting! Might want to find something that you don't have to win the power ball to buy though :) Love ya sis!