Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

I'm going to call this a FAST FORWARD extending from March 13 to April 11th!! I guess the whole key thing with blogging is to actually BLOG on a regular basis, right??? I have mentioned that I'm a slow learner!! heehee OK--> to fill in anyone who is reading the mundane details that I call life, HERE is what I have been doing for the last 4 to 5 weeks:

1. cutting up trees
2. weeding SERIOUSLY overgrown (no joke for like 2 years no weeding has occurred) flowerbeds (do any of you KNOW how fast briars grow in the south??)
3. cleaning...spring cleaning.....[CLEANING some more] a house
4. cutting up trees
5. sweeping, dusting, mopping.....
6. cutting up trees
7. weeding....
8. burning the cut up trees & weeds...
9. cleaning windows....(YES, even the windows)
10.cutting up trees
11.REPEAT all of above

You get the idea??? See pics for proof!! :D Remember Hurricane Katrina?? Well, although many people down south have recovered....many MANY more of us in the zone where the eye of the storm went through are STILL recovering and will probably still be recovering for the next 3 to 5 years! I know that seems ridiculous BUT it is sadly true. My parents place has always been a work-in-progress....steadily improving with more "projects" on the horizon....the storm knocked them back into this no man's land that is hard to climb out of....and many of their friends are in the same boat. Thank God it WAS a boat and we all have SOMETHING to recover since many don't! I have been trying to help during my banishment to the electronic deadzone-->and I have found first hand how you can get bogged down with the capacity of what has to be done when trying so hard to move forward. PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE!!! DO NOT WORRY more MORE much much MORE is needed! :) AND WE are UP to the challenge (just don't ask me for a timeline)!!!

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