Sunday, April 29, 2007

SUPERLOIS strikes again!!

This post will HAVE to cover Saturday AND Sunday since I'm so tired I can hardly stand up!! Who knew house hunting was exhausting!! We looked at 20 houses yesterday and 5? today with several drive-bys thrown into the mix. I honestly was so wiped for the last of the 20 on Saturday that I would walk in, groan since none are perfect, feel like I was just in a big box, walk around aimlessly wandering to await that "it grabs me" feeling.....WOW! Several GRABBED me...just in the WRONG way! Wait until I tell the story of the frufru house!!!! YIKES---!!! I DO feel sorry for anyone selling their home since it must really be AWFUL for random people to be able to trapse through your house looking in closets and EVERYTHING!!! EWWWW!!!!

Have I mentioned that our agent SUPERLOIS is the bomb???? She is terrific!! I honestly have asked her like 7000 questions (ok, maybe a little exaggerated). ANYWAY--> I'm SO SICK of looking at houses that just renting another apartment is starting to sound like a GREAT idea!! :D

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