Friday, April 13, 2007

Firecrackers from the south!!

WOW--What a day!! The morning began with little sleep (as the norm for a Ginny off-to-the-airport day) BUT we made our flight with no delay!! Have you traveled recently with your best friend?? If you are nodding your head then you already see a snapshot of this morning! We are talking NONSTOP and laughing hysterically over basically nothing...very likely annoying all airline passengers in our midst!
AND--> you guessed it--> we met a new friend! As I'm describing the nosedive landing we will be making later in the day, lo' and behold (how's that for southern slang) the guy in the seat in front of us HAS to chime in. [of course, he has NO clue that my idea of a nosedive is comparing that SF landing to my usual landing in New Orleans where you begin your descent in Houston and basically make a really long glide down to the MSY runway...but I digress] ANYWAY --> to make a LONG story a bit shorter he is a San Fran native, on ALL of our flights the rest of the day, nicknames us the "firecrackers from the south", and proceeds to tell us how he can't BELIEVE he was served shrimp swimming in butter that were supposed to be bar-b-qued!! My response to this was..."didn't they give you a chunk of french bread? THAT is what the butter is for"

We did survive the nosedive (and Miltie agreed with me about that) and made it into the city via a backroads taxi ride.

The most delightful evening then ensued involving catching up with an old friend and his partner [who I met for the first time and just LOVE]. They took us for a night out on the town to a fabulous little restaurant called Cha Cha Cha, a driving tour of the city, and the BEST mohito I have ever had! Thanks for the memories Chris & Brad!!

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