Monday, April 23, 2007

Take-your-wife-to-work Part Deux!

This morning I tried to make my unemployed self somewhat useful by mowing a lawn! (THAT should have been a fun one for the neighbors!)

My SO shows up somewhere around 2:30....I'm not YET finished with the lawn but ALMOST...telling me to go grab a shower so we can go b/c he has to make a chemical pickup & delivery for work! After hurrying to finish the yard, quick shower (for me, VERY DIFFICULT), throwing stuff in the truck, off to rush hour Houston traffic, package pickup at quickstop in Lafayette (sounds like we are running drugs, huh?) is now 10pm...BUT my adventure for the day has JUST begun!!!

The directions to this "site" are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong and have I mentioned that we are in the ass end of nowhere?????? AND NOONE in south Louisiana seems to utilize a ROAD SIGN!!!! (those that DO hide them behind overgrown trees or weeds so you can't SEE them) OK....I'm digressing again.....the first pic is the "road" we finally DID manage to locate (the directions SAID to turn right which put us directly into the Mississippi RIVER)....thank GOODNESS my SO knows more about these so-called directions than ME so we turned left into the woods!!!! I mean the WOODS, folks--I'm not kidding (see blurry pic of "road" above--not really a "road" at all--just a bunch of plank thingies pushed together to LOOK like a road) Just when I think we will be killed by Jason himself we come upon the "site" (see next pic above) which is pretty scary as well!!!!!! VERY LOUD...everyone has to SCREAM TO HEAR EACH OTHER...VERY DIRTY--mud everywhere...VERY DARK except for the Christmas tree looking rig-in-the-sky....VERY MALE---not a chic in sight----> and all of this is gained from my viewpoint in the truck!!!!

Don't tell anyone but I now have a completely NEW REVISED level of respect for my hubby's job and what he and others like him DO for a living!! WOW!!!

Oh...and we DID finally make it home around 12:40am!! :D

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MississippiZen said...

fun... at least you have seen the "other side" .. I haven't been so lucky ;)