Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keynote speaker BILL CLINTON!

Woohoo! Got to see Bill deliver a keynote to OMG--THOUSANDS of school board people (WHO KNEW there were so many of them!!) It was cool! He speech sadly fell apart in about 15 minutes....guess NBSA doesn't really care about childhood obesity! *sigh* maybe next time he will write a more engaging address!

Had a BART adventure this evening and didn't even get on the wrong train once!!! YIPEE!!!!! We went out to see my best bud from grad school at her house for a little bar-b-q.....reconnecting with a glass of vino and tasty treats, reminiscing about the "old days", and watching her energetic girls entertain the crowd! It was great fun and made me wish we had more time! Thanks K & T for a wonderful afternoon!

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