Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Texan Day & Goodbyes!


It's been called a fever! If you've never experienced it firsthand....GO TEXAN Day is much like a 'Celebrate the Spirit of Texas' day!!! We spent it at work of course!! Lots of fantastic people donated money to TEAM TENET for the MS 150 by paying to "lock-up" the hospital's most wanted! The poor folks in jail had to raise ransom $$ to get out! They were all great sports about it and we raised a good chunk of change toward our $20,000 team goal! We were all decked out in our COWGIRL finest and enjoyed a hospital sponsored BAR-B-Q for lunch! Yeehaw! :)

We spent the evening with about 1/3 of my department toasting a coworker who will be leaving us for PT school and getting married! It was a good evening--despite our recent landslide.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!! 2009!!

I sure do miss this party!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

P.S. Mr. Oscar

Sean Penn, I APPLAUD YOU!!!! Standing and the whole bit! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! AND YES, PEOPLE--> Don't make your grandchildren ashamed of you! OPEN YOUR MINDS (& hearts) NOW!!

and ---> how cute is Kate Winslet! I have a new view of her...she seems real! Talking about her Mom's winning pickles! ADORABLE!

ANYWAY-->Hope you all enjoyed Oscar night!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night!

What is it about a movie? ...making tears spring up for BFF's close to your heart but now too far away...dancing us into beautiful worlds of fantasy...conjuring memories of days gone by...pushing belief in the ability to reach your dreams...scaring you to the edge of your seat with fingers clenched and heart racing...encouraging pride in people and country...creating anger at wrong doing...celebrating love and family...shaping ideas of soul love...and composing the discovery of Neverland just around the bend---> ALL in the course of a few hours!! We cry, laugh, think and dream! We take the opportunity to escape our own reality to the big screen! Shallow or deep--it's ours to discover and dive in! :)

IT'S OSCAR NIGHT BABY!!!! Celebrate the films! (AND the red carpet fashion!! YAY!!) Have fun everyone! Happy Oscar Night!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Officially REannouncing my insanity!!!

OK folks!! This is just a post to let you all know that I have completely lost it and am now suffering from delusional thoughts!! I insanely but enthusiastically signed up my hubby and I for an adventure! What adventure you ask?

Anyone heard of the MS 150??? It is a 150 (183 in our case) mile bike ride to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! YES....I'm serious.....seriously deranged and NOW IN TROUBLE!!!!!

Oh sure! I signed us RIGHT UP with about 13 minutes of forethought which did NOT include HOW LONG 183 miles really is...HOUSTON TO AUSTIN TEXAS....WHY did I not look at a map before agreeing to this? AND ME???? HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I HAVE BEEN ON A BIKE or done ANYTHING PHYSICAL for that matter????? WOW!!!

Seriously---the actual thing that motivated me is the stories I have heard about Matt's Aunt Beth who has MS and her fight back from it's initial onset AND the last two MS patients I have treated (especially Abby!!) who I witnessed with the most amazing display of courage and strength!!! Ultimately these folks motivate me to try this MS150!!! If they can be SO STRONG and face MS head on---> maybe I can face my fears, weakness, etc. to attempt this ride in their honor!

At the very least this should be an experience of a lifetime and a HUGE PHYSICAL CHALLENGE for me! SO PLEASE PRAY!!! :) And send wishes of strength and endurance for me and my SO!!! Goodness knows I will need all of the support I can get!

If anyone would like to donate to the cause (did I mention we have to raise $800 between the two of us??), please follow this link to my offical MS webpage and click on the tab that says "Donate to Julie":

or to my SO's MS webpage and click on the tab that says "Donate to Matt":

and donate a buck or two to a very incredible cause! 80% of all money donated goes to actual patients with MS or to research funding for a cure! IT IS ALL TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! :) Thanks for any good wishes or $$ you can spare! :)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little one Birthdays!!!

My best bud in Texas has two adorable little ones!! I got the pleasure of being surrounded by all of the HAPPY THREE YEAR goodness for C! The joy that is impossible to neglect at a party for a child is palpable! What a fun afternoon at the gym!! The smiles, fun, and happiness just engulf you! I managed a few pics of the day! :)

The remainder of the weekend was spent getting ready for company! :) AND SOME WONDERFUL NEWS FROM BATON ROUGE!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE Gracyn!!! I'm so happy for A, M, & A---> the family has grown by one!! I can hardly wait to go see her!

Happy February Everyone! May you all have moments of love with someone dear to you!!

See how intent this BIRTHDAY BOY is about his "present cake"!!! Such a sweet little man!! :)

Brother & Sis line up to go to the next station at the gym!! :)

Aren't they cute!??!

Even Odie got in on the fun with the balloons I brought home for the people MISSING at the party

Pretty balloons!!