Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Texan Day & Goodbyes!


It's been called a fever! If you've never experienced it firsthand....GO TEXAN Day is much like a 'Celebrate the Spirit of Texas' day!!! We spent it at work of course!! Lots of fantastic people donated money to TEAM TENET for the MS 150 by paying to "lock-up" the hospital's most wanted! The poor folks in jail had to raise ransom $$ to get out! They were all great sports about it and we raised a good chunk of change toward our $20,000 team goal! We were all decked out in our COWGIRL finest and enjoyed a hospital sponsored BAR-B-Q for lunch! Yeehaw! :)

We spent the evening with about 1/3 of my department toasting a coworker who will be leaving us for PT school and getting married! It was a good evening--despite our recent landslide.

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