Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has a sweet & love filled day! Take time to celebrate love in all its forms...

Hugs from Texas! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From my drugged stupor...

I had an unneeded holiday today the details of which I will withhold! But some of us in the household are working hard on the research train! Check out what my SO has been doing...

Can't reveal details since there is a paper in progress....but I did help build the awesome growing stand you see here------and DON'T worry they are just beans and sprouts!! :D

Aren't they pretty & green?

What the #*%$##!!!**&?? Have you ever seen such a MESSY lab??? OH MY!!! But it is proof of the PLANTMAN at work!! :)

Pics from the McCoy Frog Farm

I got some updated pictures of the littlest redhead in the family! He is such a cutiepie! I am, of course, prejudiced on this one!
Here he is with Poppy and a BIG stuffed monkey:

Look out Roberto--there's a new monkey in town!

The boy is ADORABLE! :)

Hanging with Poppy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here's my favorite nephew!!!!

OK--> it seems a lot of whining and moaning DOES occasionally get you somewhere! *ROFL* Here are some shots of my growing-way-too-fast-for-me-not-being-around nephew! He is pulling up and cruising on all the furniture (and I have not seen it)! He is walking with fingers everywhere (and I have not watched)! He is giggling and laughing up a storm at the antics of his parents (thankfully, I have heard this over the phone)! He is eating crackers....or gumming them! He has at least 4 teeth with more on the way (I've only seen 2)! He is babbling lots of funny sounds!

WITHOUT further is the little one:

Bathtime in the sink!!

He loves to splash in the water! :) I bet he'll love the pool this summer!

The cruiser at a case of diapers-->how funny! Things sure have changed at my little bro's house! :)

A HANDy weekend :)

I had a super weekend getting my brain on! :) I attended the 4th annual TWU/American Society of Hand Therapists Hand Conference & Research Seminar Saturday and Sunday. It was fun to get the full experience at the new facility for my alma mater-TWU-as well! I'll put a pic here of the building and spare you the cadaver pics from my labs! Of course I'm still in a quandry about my professional goals for the near future.....BUT it is SO NICE to be able to take advantage of the medical meca that is Houston as long as I live here now! :) heehee

Good memories abound of my years at TWU!

Isn't this a beauty?? ...and it sits in the hub-bub of the Houston medical arena!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Earthquake in Houston!

Albeit a mini quake, the ground did shake today as the front of our little hospital came crashing down! It is sad what brings excitement to my life these days ;)...and yes, we DID take our patients with us to watch! We are undergoing MAJOR construction at work--> a new expansion to our neonatal intensive care unit is definitely underway after months of preparation and delays! :)

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

Met some of the girlZ from work for a FRIDAY CELEBRATION tonight! MARGARITAS in TEXAS are as BIG as the state.....which after 2 or 3 require a DD! Ooops! :) Thanks to my SO for bringing me and a bud home safely 2nite!! AND of course I pick a night that I have to be at a course downtown by 8 am......heehee I never change!! Oh yes, and don't forget it is hosted by my alma mater and one of my old profs is giving the 8 am welcome address! YIKES!! Taking a few ibus now and OFF TO BED!!! HUGS TO ALL!!!! Wish me luck surviving the formaldehyde with a hangover for cadaver dissection!! :P

BEFORE the quake!

The dust cloud after the quake ;) not nearly the BOOM I was hoping for...

The old entrance on the ground as the dust is clearing...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat to All!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! I have to share these adorable pictures of Lilli (I sniped off Miltie's blog...yep I'm an internet thief! *gasp*) in her Chinese New Year outfit looking precious as always!! Guess what? Austin, Savanna & Lilli will be getting an adorable new little sister soon!! Her name is Raegan Gabrielle and she is a cutiepie! I'll post a picture of her as soon as it is allowed ;)! The Creel family is growing again! Happy New Year!!!

I had another whacky evening with the neighborhood bunco girls tonight! AND its back to work for another LONG day tomorrow...


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday!!!

I spent an amazingly mild and boring Mardi Gras in Houston today. (I am aware those words should never all be used in the same sentence but, ALAS!, they are appropriate)
I have taken it as a personal challenge to either up the ante in the hospital next year with a fun Mardi Gras celebration in the gym OR Bridge and I may just haul a busload of these Texans into NOLA to experience the real thing!!! It would make an interesting day to have >50% contract help for 2 days but I think the hospital could survive it!

I found some pics to ease the sorrow of missing the big day but they bring a bit of homesickness with them! Don't worry no tears have been shed.....just could really use a good McCoy Family Mardi Gras in the big city! :D

Throw me something mista!!

No Fat Tuesday is complete without the AWESOME costumes!

One of my favorite spots to waste away a few hours! Many fun memories here....others may remember (or could be fuzzy) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!
But my best times were spent a few more steps down St. Peter!!! Am I right???

Now for THE SUPER TUESDAY PART OF THE DAY!! WOW!!! Is anyone else surprised at how close the Democrats continue to be?? What about that Huckabee? Just for the shear laugh factor of "President Huckabee"??? No child would forget that one! Then there is the approaching-geriatric candidate with the hot wife who is in better physical condition than most 28ish year olds (*ROFL*)??? Did you know he hiked the rim of the Grand Canyon LAST YEAR???? SERIOUSLY!! THAT is awesome! ANYONE HAVE ANY PREDICTIONS TO SHARE????? Hmmmmmmm?