Saturday, February 9, 2008

Earthquake in Houston!

Albeit a mini quake, the ground did shake today as the front of our little hospital came crashing down! It is sad what brings excitement to my life these days ;)...and yes, we DID take our patients with us to watch! We are undergoing MAJOR construction at work--> a new expansion to our neonatal intensive care unit is definitely underway after months of preparation and delays! :)

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

Met some of the girlZ from work for a FRIDAY CELEBRATION tonight! MARGARITAS in TEXAS are as BIG as the state.....which after 2 or 3 require a DD! Ooops! :) Thanks to my SO for bringing me and a bud home safely 2nite!! AND of course I pick a night that I have to be at a course downtown by 8 am......heehee I never change!! Oh yes, and don't forget it is hosted by my alma mater and one of my old profs is giving the 8 am welcome address! YIKES!! Taking a few ibus now and OFF TO BED!!! HUGS TO ALL!!!! Wish me luck surviving the formaldehyde with a hangover for cadaver dissection!! :P

BEFORE the quake!

The dust cloud after the quake ;) not nearly the BOOM I was hoping for...

The old entrance on the ground as the dust is clearing...

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mom said...

Wow!! Three blog days in a row.