Sunday, August 31, 2008


Please send your prayers for all of the Mississippi & Louisiana coastline residents in the path of Hurricane Gustav! My family and friends are busy preparing for the possibility of another big hit and it's hard to be so far away when I know they could use two extra sets of hands. I'm just hoping it won't be a strong storm and that if it is it will quickly move away once it makes landfall! Most areas around home are NOT rebuilt and ready for a category 4 storm... Gustav please LOSE your punch and go away!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Bird!!!

Many HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to my MIL today!!! I know she had a great day and I hope it continues to be a fantastic weekend!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRDIE!!!! We love you bunches!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plant Update ;)

For those at home who are plant lovers----> I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that my dumpster diving skills might pay off!!! :D LOOK:

I think the plumeria is going to BLOOM!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I love love LOVE the flowers and now my dedication to this little tree will be SOOOOO worth it!!! :)

Here is the latest of my little lemons (last seen on the blog back in the spring)! Thanks goes out to Dad for staking my little lemon tree while he and Mom were here SAVING the day with my latest project!!

AND FYI....the avocado tree LIVES!!! No signs of fruit setting yet but it is alive nonetheless!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Celebrating an Olympic Hero!

Look what I came home to after work tonight! :) I barely could get into my driveway!!

It was a truly cool WELCOME HOME for Jonathan Horton, one of the U.S. Olympic gymnasts! There was much FUN preparation all day as all of the house and yard were decorated by his friends & family! Every entrance to our neighborhood had flags and signs of congratulations! It was DECKED OUT with RED, WHITE & BLUE!! It really made me feel good about our little community with the love and support shown!

I loved being a part of all of the hoopla! Some of the bunko girls helped clear the crowd so I could get my car through-->I'll share a few pics of the FUN--> but beware they are super blurry as I'm the WORST night photographer EVER!!!!

He won a silver medal in Men's Horizontal Bar & a bronze for Men's Team Gymnastics!! AWESOME!!

OH yea....its REALLY blurry but you get the idea....flags, people, laughing, yelling! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

OK, this is as close as you get to seeing him! (back seat red car) I was tired and sleepy and didn't feel like waiting for the obligatory 'showing the medals' shot----I DID hear it, however, as I was serving myself a yummy TACO! (It was nearly 11:30pm....gimme a break!) :) *heehee*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ginny's little WEEKEND projects!


I have a bad, yes-->really really bad, reputation for planning these "little" projects that won't be too much trouble and can probably be done in a weekend! (I personally think it is a genetic problem but everyone has to be their own judge of that...*ROFL*) SO (next is the background to this tale-->you need it to FULLY understand the events described here today) when we bought the money-pit I immediately wanted to change the kitchen b/c of the awful (COMPLETELY AWFUL) wallpaper.....the layout is also not great and the "REAL" kitchen remodel will cost >$40K if I EVER do it the way I dream of doing it which involves tearing out virtually everything and starting over :D

OK--->so being the complicated but ingenious girl that I am I dreamed up a "little" kitchen upgrade that was (supposedly) cost efficient and quick to do that would allow me to "live" with the kitchen until we can afford to do what I want with it!!! *heehee* Now all of you who know me are likely doubled up on the floor laughing at this point but the story goes on....

As a sidenote---> my gracious (& completely CRAZY) parents agreed to come help with my "little" project (they are gluttons for punishment since they JUST experienced a "little" weekend project that nearly killed us all sometime in early June *GASP*) (*cough*cough* the "little" patio/french drain installation that included the rental of a hole digging device we nearly got stuck permanently in the MUD we made with it is truly another story all together!!!)

Well, I digress---->I will skip the middle of the story and continue on to the end! I will leave the details in between to the pictures and your imaginations!

THE FABULOUS NEWS IS: 1)I LOVE THE "LITTLE" KITCHEN UPDATE, 2)my husband did not leave me, 3)my parents still say they love me, 4)Dad's return home was ONLY rescheduled twice[day 5 & day 9] and 5)BUNKO night was a success!!!!!

OH BOY!! I forgot to mention that there was a hurricane inserted into the story on about day 4 and the total number of coats of paint on the wall is 6!!



This was the moment near which divorce was a better possibility than finishing the job! *heehee*

AND THE BIG REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!