Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spoiled BRATS!

Possibly due to guilt from inflicting shots & medicine on the 'kids' --> they are both enjoying a new toy from the latest CRICKET RUN to Petsmart! Betsy thinks we are building her the GREATEST cat gym ever with all of the boxes stacking up around here. Little do they know they will soon both be abandoned ;) while we vacation in Hawaii--only a bit over a week left now!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Adventures of pet parents :P

Can you believe we are now to the point of having a pet pharmacy??? No kidding--we got a prescription at the vet and then had to go to the PHARMACY to get it filled!!!
You should have seen me and my mudguy tonight!! We were BRAVE pet parents...if you haven't figured it out or heard about it yet--our little Betsy is anything but nice....especially to others. SO--> we set out this evening quite apprehensively with both BETSY and ODIE to go to the vet!!!
You should know that this vet clinic lobby should be its own reality TV show....tonight we met a guy with 7 cats and 8 dogs most of whom he adopts when people try to dump them out somewhere (VERY interesting guy) ...then there was the oldish man with a HUGE pit bull in a muzzle and padded harness dragging his owner around (literally)....last time we went there was a tiny terror of a dog on a swingset chain with 3 kids & grandma barking at everything and everyone....the poodle "Lady" with a denim dress and rhinestone collar...and the diaper wearing miniature doberman who had a possible UTI. I am telling you this is an UNTAPPED resource for reality television!
OK --I digress--off we go with our two pet carriers on the way to the vet wondering if sweet Betsy would tear into us...the vet...a technician??? She surprised us all and only hissed with glaring looks at her owners! Amazingly we all survived the trip!! I'm sure I have a new appreciation for any 'real' parents taking more than one kiddo to the doctor at once!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My violet angel

I developed a love of violets at a really young age. As long as I can remember at Granny's house there was a long table by a window full of beautiful violets in many colors. They seemed to be grown almost effortlessly with my grandmother's green thumb touch! I loved to look at them, to watch her carefully water them, and to listen to instructions when she was repotting those tender plants. Unfortunately I could never get one to live on my own! Once I was in college Dad or Mom would buy me a violet for my window....and invariably I would kill it---usually a long death over about a year or so with not ONE bloom after the initial ones died. Since I have been married....the SAME scenario!!! I would ask Dad (my horticulturist father) what to do and he has patiently explained to me over and over what needed to happen to keep these fastidious beauties thriving. STILL---the slow death or the nonblooming life for a plant I always cherished for its flowers!

ALAS--> I think I have a violet angel! I have continued my quest for "a violet in my window" and now finally ---you see the proof in COLOR! My violet (both of them actually) is BLOOMING......has been BLOOMING for the last several months!!!!!! I am sure I know who my violet angel is....


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shave & a haircut!

POOR ODIE!!!! He has had to endure his first trip to the groomer! He looks SO SILLY!!! He got the "puppy" cut --mainly to trim the feet & face, leaving the puppy shaggy hair a bit longer. WELL--> he looks like a sheep.....or a clown dog.....a puffer fishdog.....POOR little guy! His head looks WAY too small for his body *ROFL* It is hard to get used to looking at his "grown-up" face! Hopefully we'll all "grow" into the new look soon! :)

Kidz & Chaos

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU COMBINE 7 KIDS, 1 RAINY DAY, 1 HOUSE, 3 MOMS, 1 FRIEND, AND 6 CANS OF SILLY STRING????? Let's just say lots of fun, lots of noise, occasional tears, a stopped up vacuum cleaner, and some fantastic new moments to hold close to your heart! :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cookies make you cry??

Ok, maybe not cry just "misty" with memories! :)

There is a LONG history behind these cookies that started many many years ago! My grandmother (who I fancy having more than a little in common with) made this recipe up (yes, that is correct...from SCRATCH) for my Dad (you're speaking with a Daddy's girl here) when he was just a wee little tike. He loved chocolate --just so it's not TOO dark--and loved chewy Granny went to work with a "basic" cookie recipe and thus----Chocolate Chews were born!!! Now the story certainly doesn't stop there! Dad and Aunt Harriett grew up eating and making these cookies. ...THEN came Ginny & Grogan....who have also grown up making these cookies and have eaten more than a few ;) I made them almost every time I had to take "refreshments" to Girl Scout meetings....4-H....for my slumber get the idea?!!!

SO--> when I started making these loved morsels once again for the first time in a while to take to a gathering which would include my best girlfriends from WAY BACK in first grade (that was 30 years ago people!) and their children (who have taught me the true meaning of growing faster than weeds *smirk*).......of course a sentimental fool like me would get a bit teary!!! WHO could believe all of that from a little chocolate cookie??!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

One wish granted :D

Yep!! That is one wish for blue skies and sunshine--Granted! Thank you to the heavens above for such a BEAUTIFUL day after 2 or 3 weeks of solid gray, rainy, COLD weather!! :) YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Wanted: SUNSHINE!!

I NEED SUNSHINE!!! I think I might shrivel up into a sad cocoon if I don't get the chance to soak up some rays SOON!!! This is the true meaning of weather affecting personality! Everyone at work is in a funk...even my patients---YIKES--It's a scary world when it rains ALL OF THE TIME!!! I even tried visualizing a sunny day and I BARELY remember what it looks like!! :D Anyway-->not much to say today except to complain about the lack of LIGHT over the last few weeks...don't think I could live in Alaska--even with all the men! *heehee*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cutest pigtails EVER!!

I just can't resist sharing this adorable picture of Lilli!! She is SUCH a cutiepie!!! If you haven't heard or seen bragging from me about my godchildren......just wait--your time is coming!! It happens to be one of my favorite pasttimes!

Seasick?? OH NO!!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go deep sea fishing!! I am going to get my opportunity SOON! I am really excited!! Anyone have tips on how to snag the big fish?? There is only one little possibly significant detail I MUST attend to before we go. Have you heard the story about me on the whale watching catamaran tour? :P I was quite GREEN and wishing to the gods of the ocean that I could just be towed behind the boat until we got to shore. THIS TIME I plan of having MAJOR antimotionsick drugs coursing through my viens! :D Votes on how far into the four hour sport fishing tour that I'm puking or comatose?? Matt gives me about an hour...

Monday, January 22, 2007

The things that make me SMILE!!

After a long day...even if the kitchen is a wreck--there is one thing there that never fails to make me smile! The little froggies on my windowsill are always around to cheer me up...and bright orange flowers in an old blue bottle never hurt either! :) HAPPY DAY!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

and the PACKING has begun!

It is scary & exciting all together to be quickly approaching a new chapter in my life! My last official day at work is Feb. 9th!! ACK!!!! OH MY!!!! AND I DON'T HAVE ANOTHER JOB YET!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!! I currently plan on taking a month or two off *GASP* to tie up loose ends on old paths before I completely diverge into the woods onto the path I cannot see. I AM very nervous/apprehensive/white-knuckled but have faith that things will work out just fine! For every thing there is a season...

ANYWAY--> my big goal is to have MOST of the apartment packed before we leave for Hawaii! Hence....the packing ;) It remains to be seen if this goal is achievable--haHA!????

BTW-->still PROUD of our boys even though we didn't get the WIN! GEAUX SAINTS!! :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


OK.....I've been a Saints fan since the brown bag days!!!! (and THAT is a long time ago) I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity our Saints have this weekend!! My Granny & Uncle Kemp are cheering them on from above I'm sure!!! I'm pretty sure most TVs and radios in south Louisiana and Mississippi will be tuning into the game to root for our boys to WIN!!!!!!!! WHO 'DAT??!! WHO 'DAT!!?? WHO 'DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT 'DEM SAINTS??!! WHO 'DAT??!! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!!! The Saints in the Superbowl would be SOOOOOO incredibly AWESOME!!!!! Hope it isn't just a GinnyDreamin' moment... :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

No screen time for Betsy!!

The animal you see here may just be the strangest cat I have ever owned!! She really doesn't like me but LOVES and I mean LOVES Matt!! I think she must have been upset b/c of getting no blogger screen time since this is the closest she has gotten to me in about 6 weeks (since the arrival of Odie which she blames me for)! Her two favorite pasttimes are knocking things off of ANY flat surface (my last cell phone is her BEST story) and climbing in/chewing on/playing with my plants! The second pic is her incognito look....with an invisible cloak! Heehee!! Don't tell anyone but even though she barely tolerates me, I think she is a whacky with occasional moments of nice kitty!

Old HABITS never die!!

Most of my daily !*&%##@!* (when my significant other is home) surrounds hours "wasted" on World of Warcraft......ahhhhhhhh BUT look what happens when the cat is away!!! I think I might be a hypocrite! *LOL* *ROLF* -->of course, this is not WoW but the cyber version of Ginny warrior is SO much cuter than the real one!! :D My 'mud' days come back so quickly in the visual world of the new games-- no more " are entering the Dancing Stones....there is an exit to the south..." Look how far we've come in 12 to 15 years--TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME!! AND to all of you who know what I am referring to *yrose* *wave*!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hawaii Dreams :)

My thoughts today on this rainy, foggy really really cold day are all in Hawaii! 3 1/2 weeks and counting until we take the long flight to Oahu and then Kauai! I am looking forward to warm breezes, fresh pineapple, whale watching, snorkeling in an underwater wonderland, and swimming next to sea turtles in the ocean! We have been waiting for this vacation for over a year and I KNOW it will be worth it to revisit our favorite places on Oahu and to discover new spots on Kauai. What a fun daydream to think of retiring quietly to the islands of Hawaii to open a quaint little bed and breakfast tucked away on a cliff overlooking the beautiful ocean... that is a DEFINITE Ginnydreamin' moment!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My husband.....the photographer??

I'm pretty sure none of you (except maybe a very select few) know about my love of dormant or dead trees...sounds morbid, doesn't it? There is just something really majestic and beautiful about seeing the form of a tree against the sky. I dunno....I TOLD you I was a bit weird! :) ANYWAY--> Matt took this great pic on the way to a rig he worked on recently. I think it is pretty awesome!

AND...I snapped a picture of Odie today that I thought I would share!! Betsy is still supermad at me and won't let me near her--so no pics of her so far. Bear with me -- I have NO real children to snap pics of.... *LOL*
...heard from an old friend today :) that always makes my heart warm!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Piffle, Phooey & Baloney!!

This may be my new catch phrase!! It says so much with just a few words--given to me for the first time from a new patient I have....a Sister even. I hope I can find a way to reach her soon because right now she seems to not want to be reached. Maybe she is waiting for something greater than either of us knows...

I still haven't kicked myself in the butt long enough to get busy on tasks at hand.....tomorrow is another day! *LOL*

SO here is a picture of my newest cutie, Odie....taken when he was about 7 weeks old.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chronicles of my Z!!!

Hmmm....I suppose I am now a blogger! What on earth to discuss?? I don't know whether to complain about not getting anything done, laugh at the antics of Odie & Betsy, or cry on an internet shoulder because my man is not home...

This is a new endeavor begun to see 'Life in 365' ---a cool idea from my bud Margie!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BFF!!) A picture must be taken daily with comments of the author's choice ;)....and I'm only 13 days behind!

....really do miss THIS guy---my mudguy who I met and fell in love with in and on the MUD! He was the actual beginning of my life in Z!!! Does anyone else remember those early moments in cyberspace?????