Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adventures of pet parents :P

Can you believe we are now to the point of having a pet pharmacy??? No kidding--we got a prescription at the vet and then had to go to the PHARMACY to get it filled!!!
You should have seen me and my mudguy tonight!! We were BRAVE pet parents...if you haven't figured it out or heard about it yet--our little Betsy is anything but nice....especially to others. SO--> we set out this evening quite apprehensively with both BETSY and ODIE to go to the vet!!!
You should know that this vet clinic lobby should be its own reality TV show....tonight we met a guy with 7 cats and 8 dogs most of whom he adopts when people try to dump them out somewhere (VERY interesting guy) ...then there was the oldish man with a HUGE pit bull in a muzzle and padded harness dragging his owner around (literally)....last time we went there was a tiny terror of a dog on a swingset chain with 3 kids & grandma barking at everything and everyone....the poodle "Lady" with a denim dress and rhinestone collar...and the diaper wearing miniature doberman who had a possible UTI. I am telling you this is an UNTAPPED resource for reality television!
OK --I digress--off we go with our two pet carriers on the way to the vet wondering if sweet Betsy would tear into us...the vet...a technician??? She surprised us all and only hissed with glaring looks at her owners! Amazingly we all survived the trip!! I'm sure I have a new appreciation for any 'real' parents taking more than one kiddo to the doctor at once!!

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