Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seasick?? OH NO!!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go deep sea fishing!! I am going to get my opportunity SOON! I am really excited!! Anyone have tips on how to snag the big fish?? There is only one little possibly significant detail I MUST attend to before we go. Have you heard the story about me on the whale watching catamaran tour? :P I was quite GREEN and wishing to the gods of the ocean that I could just be towed behind the boat until we got to shore. THIS TIME I plan of having MAJOR antimotionsick drugs coursing through my viens! :D Votes on how far into the four hour sport fishing tour that I'm puking or comatose?? Matt gives me about an hour...

1 comment:

MississippiZen said...

an hour? no way! Remember the elevator ride down to the restaurant in NYC? How long was that? 10 min.? lol!