Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My violet angel

I developed a love of violets at a really young age. As long as I can remember at Granny's house there was a long table by a window full of beautiful violets in many colors. They seemed to be grown almost effortlessly with my grandmother's green thumb touch! I loved to look at them, to watch her carefully water them, and to listen to instructions when she was repotting those tender plants. Unfortunately I could never get one to live on my own! Once I was in college Dad or Mom would buy me a violet for my window....and invariably I would kill it---usually a long death over about a year or so with not ONE bloom after the initial ones died. Since I have been married....the SAME scenario!!! I would ask Dad (my horticulturist father) what to do and he has patiently explained to me over and over what needed to happen to keep these fastidious beauties thriving. STILL---the slow death or the nonblooming life for a plant I always cherished for its flowers!

ALAS--> I think I have a violet angel! I have continued my quest for "a violet in my window" and now finally ---you see the proof in COLOR! My violet (both of them actually) is BLOOMING......has been BLOOMING for the last several months!!!!!! I am sure I know who my violet angel is....


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MississippiZen said...

Granny always added color to your life and to mine...... now she just does it in a different way. I miss her too.