Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2007!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! What a fall fiesta did the Malwitz gang of the Lakota tribe from the Dakotas have this weekend!!!! Runs-with-sticks, Chief Fuzzy-bear, & Shining-sun make an incredible trio when it comes to food planning for an event....or even just for a weekend around the house-->ROFL!! :) It was pumpkiny, spooky & fun in all sorts of ways!! :)

We even carved some COOL pumpkins! Feral-cat & Shining-sun pulled out the power tools...destroyed the kitchen...but ended with the best pumpkins they ever did carve!

The homemade breadbowls made the chili even MORE terrific...and topped off with a cold one...even BETTER!!

The Vampire Kiss Martini was much more fun LOOKING than it tasted!! :P

The pumpkin dip with BAT chips was a hit too!!

Brave little ones enjoyed my "SCARY" kid drinks complete with blood and stabbed eyeballs!

Now we KNOW why the Dremel tool & pumpkin combination is an OUTDOOR project! :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Anniversary #7!

Where was I seven years ago today? Hmmmm........very sleep deprived....a bit nervous...excited.....and shocked that we actually made it to the wedding day with no serious injuries from the "critical pathway" I established to lead up to the event!

Happy Anniversary honey!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Creels come to town!! :)

One of my favorite families came to visit this weekend!! Boy, did we have a good time! These beauties are my godchildren who have made many appearances here on Ginnydreamin! Miltie is a FAB photographer....she makes me SO jealous!!! I must share some of the great photos she took of their weekend in Texas!

Beauty in the pool! ....and yes, the water is starting to get a bit chilly but she didn't care!!! :) [a girl after my own heart!]

Evidence of the plant invasion on our patio!!

Beauty and a cutie!! :) They are the sweetest sisters! :)

How terrific they look all dressed up! :) My two 'babies' are almost all grown up and the little one is just precious!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yep! More Andy pics!!

I can't resist sharing a few more pictures from the weekend at home! That nephew of mine is A-DORABLE!!! (of course I'm quite biased on this matter)

Living for these smiles and giggles!!! Andy gives them freely to Mama, Daddy, Nonna & Poppy! I had to come up with a trick to get mine!! :)

Poodle love starts early in our family! Bet you can't figure where Andy got those beautiful eyes?? ;) (you may have to double click the photo to figure that out) There is a bit of genealogy fun in this pic as well! Check out the 'Kaluoosh nanni' that my sweet nephew brings reminiscence of a story told by teachers in our family on an Indian reservation!

There is NO DENYING who this boy's father is!!! :) :D *BEAM*

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I went HOME :) to visit for Dad's birthday!!!! It was wonderful to be there and have a few moments to soak up some "homevibe"...AND bask in the love & conversation with the folks, sibs, and ANDY!!!!! :D I do miss being close to home but it sure does make me appreciate it when a have a chance to go back! My SO didn't make it b/c of "on-call" responsibilities! He was missed by the whole gang....even me! *rofl*

I know all anyone wants to really see are the pics of my sweet little ANDY so here goes:

Note the bib that says "My Aunt Loves Me" :)

See those beautiful baby blues!

Yes, although adorable now....the poor child inherited the McCoy FOOT!! :)

The voyage run for this highchair that has been waiting a VERY LONG time for an occupant!! AND....yes, sweet potatoes are a two person feeding job! :)

This pic makes me a little misty ;) ...Andy has Poppy's thumb while Nonna looks on!

Andy speaks to Poppy about the possibility of sharing some of his birthday cake! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buon Compleanno Babbino!

Happy Birthday wishes out to my recent globe trotting Dad!! I hope your birthday weekend was all you wanted it to be Dad!! Buon Compleanno! I love you!! I MISS YOU BUNCHES!!!!!

As you can see, he hasn't lost his touch with the bambinos!! :) Isn't that the sweetest picture? :)

Ciao darling!!