Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2007!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! What a fall fiesta did the Malwitz gang of the Lakota tribe from the Dakotas have this weekend!!!! Runs-with-sticks, Chief Fuzzy-bear, & Shining-sun make an incredible trio when it comes to food planning for an event....or even just for a weekend around the house-->ROFL!! :) It was pumpkiny, spooky & fun in all sorts of ways!! :)

We even carved some COOL pumpkins! Feral-cat & Shining-sun pulled out the power tools...destroyed the kitchen...but ended with the best pumpkins they ever did carve!

The homemade breadbowls made the chili even MORE terrific...and topped off with a cold one...even BETTER!!

The Vampire Kiss Martini was much more fun LOOKING than it tasted!! :P

The pumpkin dip with BAT chips was a hit too!!

Brave little ones enjoyed my "SCARY" kid drinks complete with blood and stabbed eyeballs!

Now we KNOW why the Dremel tool & pumpkin combination is an OUTDOOR project! :D

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