Sunday, October 14, 2007


I went HOME :) to visit for Dad's birthday!!!! It was wonderful to be there and have a few moments to soak up some "homevibe"...AND bask in the love & conversation with the folks, sibs, and ANDY!!!!! :D I do miss being close to home but it sure does make me appreciate it when a have a chance to go back! My SO didn't make it b/c of "on-call" responsibilities! He was missed by the whole gang....even me! *rofl*

I know all anyone wants to really see are the pics of my sweet little ANDY so here goes:

Note the bib that says "My Aunt Loves Me" :)

See those beautiful baby blues!

Yes, although adorable now....the poor child inherited the McCoy FOOT!! :)

The voyage run for this highchair that has been waiting a VERY LONG time for an occupant!! AND....yes, sweet potatoes are a two person feeding job! :)

This pic makes me a little misty ;) ...Andy has Poppy's thumb while Nonna looks on!

Andy speaks to Poppy about the possibility of sharing some of his birthday cake! :)

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