Friday, January 26, 2007

Cookies make you cry??

Ok, maybe not cry just "misty" with memories! :)

There is a LONG history behind these cookies that started many many years ago! My grandmother (who I fancy having more than a little in common with) made this recipe up (yes, that is correct...from SCRATCH) for my Dad (you're speaking with a Daddy's girl here) when he was just a wee little tike. He loved chocolate --just so it's not TOO dark--and loved chewy Granny went to work with a "basic" cookie recipe and thus----Chocolate Chews were born!!! Now the story certainly doesn't stop there! Dad and Aunt Harriett grew up eating and making these cookies. ...THEN came Ginny & Grogan....who have also grown up making these cookies and have eaten more than a few ;) I made them almost every time I had to take "refreshments" to Girl Scout meetings....4-H....for my slumber get the idea?!!!

SO--> when I started making these loved morsels once again for the first time in a while to take to a gathering which would include my best girlfriends from WAY BACK in first grade (that was 30 years ago people!) and their children (who have taught me the true meaning of growing faster than weeds *smirk*).......of course a sentimental fool like me would get a bit teary!!! WHO could believe all of that from a little chocolate cookie??!!

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MississippiZen said...

Can I make this picture my screensaver? LOL!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chews!