Friday, August 22, 2008

Celebrating an Olympic Hero!

Look what I came home to after work tonight! :) I barely could get into my driveway!!

It was a truly cool WELCOME HOME for Jonathan Horton, one of the U.S. Olympic gymnasts! There was much FUN preparation all day as all of the house and yard were decorated by his friends & family! Every entrance to our neighborhood had flags and signs of congratulations! It was DECKED OUT with RED, WHITE & BLUE!! It really made me feel good about our little community with the love and support shown!

I loved being a part of all of the hoopla! Some of the bunko girls helped clear the crowd so I could get my car through-->I'll share a few pics of the FUN--> but beware they are super blurry as I'm the WORST night photographer EVER!!!!

He won a silver medal in Men's Horizontal Bar & a bronze for Men's Team Gymnastics!! AWESOME!!

OH yea....its REALLY blurry but you get the idea....flags, people, laughing, yelling! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

OK, this is as close as you get to seeing him! (back seat red car) I was tired and sleepy and didn't feel like waiting for the obligatory 'showing the medals' shot----I DID hear it, however, as I was serving myself a yummy TACO! (It was nearly 11:30pm....gimme a break!) :) *heehee*

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