Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night!

What is it about a movie? ...making tears spring up for BFF's close to your heart but now too far away...dancing us into beautiful worlds of fantasy...conjuring memories of days gone by...pushing belief in the ability to reach your dreams...scaring you to the edge of your seat with fingers clenched and heart racing...encouraging pride in people and country...creating anger at wrong doing...celebrating love and family...shaping ideas of soul love...and composing the discovery of Neverland just around the bend---> ALL in the course of a few hours!! We cry, laugh, think and dream! We take the opportunity to escape our own reality to the big screen! Shallow or deep--it's ours to discover and dive in! :)

IT'S OSCAR NIGHT BABY!!!! Celebrate the films! (AND the red carpet fashion!! YAY!!) Have fun everyone! Happy Oscar Night!


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Peter said...

I like it in Neverland and, of course, Oscar night should be a national holiday! As usual, your blog is wonderful and as such, a great reflection of who you are!

No, I didn't win this year...