Wednesday, April 11, 2007 more thing!

YIKES....I'm back and now I can't shut up!! :) 7 posts on one day HAS to be my record! But I have one more morsel of knowledge that HAS to be shared in this fast forward from March to April!!!!

I know you are wondering why in the world I have a picture of a household appliance on my blog but -->IF YOU NEED A VACUUM BUY THIS ONE!!!! Even if you don't NEED a vacuum you should consider buying this one!!! I know I'm getting old when an entire post consists of why you should buy a vacuum. Seriously this thing can handle anything---> cobwebs, dead plant leaves, dustbunnies, sheetrock dust (if you remember to clean the filter occasionally)!! I'll stop my soapbox now but for all who need the details see the Sears website for Kenmore Model #35923! I'm saving my money!!!

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