Saturday, April 14, 2007

A San Francisco treat!!

I was on my own a good portion of the day...let's call it a NSBA widow! HEEHEE OH DON'T WORRY--It did NOT damper my fun! I did a bit of exploring and had some fun with the camera (yes, I'm still deluding myself into thinking that photography skills can be acquired by the diligent). The pics above are my attempts! :)

One of the things I LOVE about San Francisco is PEOPLE WATCHING! (actually that is just something I love everywhere but work with me here...) You just NEVER know what you'll hear and be a part of!! I could ride the cable cars ALL DAY just for this little hobby!! Tonight we went to the wharf from downtown and got to sing 'Happy Birthday' to a lady and her family who were in town to celebrate! What fun (& how is THAT for cheesy tourist happenings)! WELL, the FUN was when we closed down the line at 12:30am and got BACK on the cable car with the SAME group after they had much champagne, free drinks, good food, and had been sung 'Happy Birthday' in more than a few languages celebrating the Queen red-hatter's 70th birthday! Here is her advice on life from the perspective of a very spunky, very fun 70-year-old:
1) "In life go on SMILING!"
2) "If you want to have fun go through life WAVING!" (spoken as she is wildly waving at passers-by in every intersection and street corner)
3) "Be SAFE but go on LIVING!!"
Sounds like excellent advice to me!!! We WAVED and laughed the whole way to her final stop for the night....more champagne on Top of the Mark!! What an end to another fantastic day in a beautiful city!! [and I didn't even tell you about our unusual conversation with the caricature artist...]

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