Monday, April 16, 2007


That is what you call it when a rental car is due back by 10pm and you roll through the parking ticket gate at 9:59:36!!

BUT THE ADVENTURE!!!! I haven't laughed this much in a long time!! SO many moments that will be the source of MORE laughter in years to come :) Did you know that I live on White "Chuckle" Road?? There must be something about traveling with a friend that you just don't meet a stranger! Many seem to want to share their story with us--> which has made this grand adventure even more fun!

We road tripped up the northern California coast in search of a glass beach! We found it!--along with wild calla lilies, port-a-potty in a field, roadside cows, zen in an odd store, mushroom ice cream, gorgeous poppies, redwood forests, a path leading nowhere AND windy/curvy/roundy-boundy roads!

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