Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Searching potstickers in Chinatown...

After the end of Miltie's fun with NSBA we decided to explore Chinatown. It was a good time--we met another supernice adoptive mom...I got to "see" some authentic Chinese sights...souvenir shopping to die for...a kite(yes, all KITES!!) store...AND had the best fried rice and wontons I have ever tasted (let me qualify that to "in a restaurant" just for you Jake!)!! :) The fortune cookie bakery was certainly something I'll not forget soon! It was SOOOOOOOO tiny and we got to eat a WARM not-yet-folded cookie.

We had a stinky dinner at The Stinking Rose, known for everything served with some form of garlic [yep, you are right--not an excellent choice for the night before boarding a plane all day]...joined again by my pal K...! Overall, another terrific day in San Francisco!

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