Monday, March 12, 2007

A must for driving!

"You HAVE to get a key map!!"

We heard this SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times when receiving words of wisdom re: moving to Houston. We even received one from some friends who are moving away and thought...."yes, this may come in handy one day." Let me just say THANK GOODNESS I put the not-so-little jewel into the truck with us this weekend. As maps go this thing is a monster!!! BUT--> NOW WE JOIN THE RANKS OF SOON-TO-BE & NEW HOUSTON CITIZENS who give the advice "YOU NEED A KEY MAP!!!" THANKS SO MUCH Brad & Jen for the Key Map!!!! It got MUCH use this weekend!



MississippiZen said...

i don't like these kind of posts.....moving you are......sad I am

Jeff and B said...

Saw that pic and thought...dang, should have gotten Brad and Jen's before they left Houston! Glad you have one! They are a life saver in that city. Brandy and I used Brad and Jen's while they were at work when we would visit so we could tour the city. Otherwise, stick to the main streets and remember which loop you are on. Happy House Hunting! And whats with posting at midnight! Must be nice to be unemployed!