Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Blog-go-round!

I'm still making an attempt at blog upkeep! My house upkeep and newly revised 2-year unpacking plan...not to mention 45+ hour work week, have all contributed to my lack of blogging and phone calling! BUT YA KNOW I'VE GOT MORE BILLS THAN FRIENDS NOW!! *LOL* So my neglected friend, Miltie, continues to "tag" me with memes and blog-go-rounds in hopes that I keep on blogging!!! So I keep on trying to post them for whomever is reading! :) Here goes:

Tagged by Miltie :) (this isn't really a surprise anymore since she is my ONLY bloggin buddy!)


Sound - rain on a tin roof
Late night snack - popcorn
Smell - bread baking
Color combination - Chocolate brown and red [or bright green]
Nut - pecan
Time of the year - fall
Author - Pearl S. Buck
Books - love them all
Vegetable - green beans & brocolli
Male Actor - hmm...let's see Sidney Poitier...Gene Kelley...Anthony Hopkins...Richard Gere is definitely a hunk (oh but that wasn't the question)...more recent love Johnny Depp
Flower - any flower :)
Vacation spot - Hawaii so far but have dreams to visit Italy, Australia, Spain, Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, etc.
Pizza - Super supreme
Sport to play - I'm pretty terrible at all of a mean badmitton game ;)
Subject in school - English
TV channel - Discovery
Radio station - have not found a suitable one in TX YET :(
Holiday - Christmas
Perfume - Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret
Shoes - NONE :)
Candy - See's Candy from San Fran yummy!
City to shop - ???any one in which I have money!! :D
Female actress - Audrey Hepburn & Katherine Hepburn (did you know they are NOT related?) Reese Witherspoon gets a fabulous southern belle vote for the recent girlies! :)
Beauty products - lip gloss/stick....but really I hate them all :)
Item to shop for - HOME DECOR!!

Now I'm tagging NOONE yet again...

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MississippiZen said...

I am dreaming of some See's candy RIGHT NOW..... or maybe we just need another trip there :)