Monday, August 6, 2007

OK Miltie, I'll update my blog!

I've been tagged again with a meme by my BFF Miltie!! Utiya!! So here goes a meme supposed to be answered with ONLY ONE WORD!!!!

Yourself: SILLY
Your partner: GAMER
Your hair: AUBURNISH
Your mother: LOVED
Your father: FRIEND
Your favorite item: NONE
Your dream last night: RELENTLESS
Your favorite drink: MALT
Your dream car: CONVERTIBLE
Dream home: HAWAII
The room you are in: OFFICE
Your fear: DROWNING
What you are great at: LISTENING
Where you want to be in 10 years: NOCLUE
Who you hung out with last night: ODIE
You're not: TYPE-A
One of your wish list items: MAID
The last thing you did: WRITE
You are wearing: PJs
Your favorite weather: FALL
Your favorite book: NOCLUE
Last thing you ate: CHEESE
Your life: FORTUNATE
Your best friend: SECRET
What are you thinking about right now: PIZZA
Your car: BEETLE
What are you doing at the moment: TYPING
Relationship status: MARRIED
What is on your t.v: NATIONALGEO
When is the last time you laughed: 5MINUTESAGO

and AGAIN I will tag noone since I am a lonely blogger with only one bloggin' friend...

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MississippiZen said...

a secret best friend......hmmmmmmmm......