Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How exactly did it get to be August??

OH NO!!!!! Another month is gone!!!! I have heard a murmuring that I should perhaps update my blog!! :D I have been so BUSY!!!! .....unfortunately only at work! :P Thank goodness I have been enjoying the job but it IS getting OLD already to be working 10 to 12 hour days consistently!!!! I have a new respect for all of the folks who do this all the time!! WOW!! I really have moments that I think if I just brought a change of clothes it would be more efficient for me to sleep on one of the mats at work.....I mean we DO have a shower....even a pool for some quick recreation in the middle of the night when the gym is FINALLY free of patients!!! ....BUT ODIE would miss me so I can't do that!! :)

OK...I will make an attempt to fill in a few details of the last month below so read down (starting with 7/12/07) if you'd like to be updated on the mundane events of the McMalwitz's!!! *heehee*

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