Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's make COOKIES!!! :)

For all of you who don't know....I LOVE LOVE LOVE cookie cutters and have been building a crazy collection of them for years! Since Andy was BORN...I have wanted to make cookies with him! *happydance* *clap* I GOT MY WISH!!! It was SOOOOOOOOO worth the wait!! Thanks SOOO much to my hubby who captured these moments forever on film! It was one of those experiences that make you want to freeze time because every second of it was fabulous!!! :)

He was really listening! Isn't that the sweetest?? I could NOT believe the attention span he had for this!!! 2 years old & Amazing!

Check out his bracelets!! So FUNNY! :) It took him a minute to be OK with the mess too!
Rolling out the dough...

Cutting out the shapes...
More cookie cutting....
SO proud of his cookies...! What a fun time!

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