Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our visit to the North Woods!

We have had an amazing trip to Wisconsin so far!!! It has been wonderful to see all of Matt's family! Mama Bird and Aunt Mary picked us up when we FINALLY made it to Mosinee, WI around midnight! ACK!! We got to stay in the most comfortable little cottage of the Pineapple Princess! It was so great to soak up the goodness and vibe that is Matt's grandmother! Grandma Dodo is truly an angel with the sweetest smile. She is a beautiful person inside and out! We are so thrilled that we got to spend time with her visiting in the Hermann hometown of Antigo!

Aunt Mary hosted us in her FAB apartment for a fish fry! YUM! She set a gorgeous table and we had a really great visit! Auntie M TOTALLY rocks!

When I say the North Woods are incredible....WOW! Thanks so much to Uncle Bill for taking us trekking in the woods! [We missed seeing Kathy :( but will give her a little HI here!] It makes me realize how little season change we have down south to see the array of COLOR in the trees. (& we apparently missed the best time to see it!)

We also spent a fantastic evening with Uncle Gerry, Aunt Cathy, Kim & Carina via webcam!! I had my first Michelada which is hilarious if you think how close we live to Mexico....and my 1st taste was in Wisconsin! *LOL* We munched down some delicious brats & potato salad! The company was GREAT! We had a good time! Thanks so much you guys!! Ya'll are awesome!

I missed the snow by a day! Here is a sneak peek I found hiding by a lake!

I love moss! It's just so pretty, isn't it?

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