Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cy-Fair Pumpkins!!

My department at the hospital continues to amaze me! The hospital sponsored a pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween. Rules stated we couldn't cut or carve the pumpkin...and nothing scary or gory either since they would be displayed in the hospital on judging day. One of the contest organizers was quick to tell me that my group has "never really participated" in this event so was I "SURE" that I wanted one pumpkin for each group?? I thought....what the heck....let's give it a shot!(I hate when people DOUBT so easily!) SO--> I left each bunch a pumpkin the night before the event started slap in the middle of their "areas" with copies of the contest rules and a note from me that said "Your challenge is to create this pumpkin into something! My only stipulation is that we all HAVE FUN in the process! Good Luck!" I then left the bare little pumpkins' fate in the hands of my therapists and staff! (praying we would get at least a face drawn on some of them!)

WOW!! Was I THRILLED!!! AND SO PROUD!!! Not only did they all participate but they all GOT WAY INTO IT!!! It was definitely a week of teamwork & FUN with many laughs and LOTS of creativity! The icing on the cake is that we "cleaned house" when the awards were announced! We WON three of the four categories for the whole hospital! YAY SPORTS MED & REHAB!!!!!

Check out these hilarious medically themed pumpkins below:
Introducing Cy F. Banks from Wound care & Hyperbaric Medicine! This guy got the prize for "Best of Show"!! For those of you who may have never seen a hyperbaric chamber---that is what he is laying inside. Poor Cy even got a "staged" doppler study and real MD orders from his physician!
The official medical chart for Cy is what put him over the top! It was really funny! Check out his previous hospital stays! You may have to double click this pic to really see the chart. *LMAO*
Granny D. Licious from Outpatient Physical Therapy! She won "Best Medical" pumpkin
OT and Speech did a spoof on the Pain Scale! No prize for this one but it got a lot of laughs!
Meet Hal O. Cise! He is CRAZY for CARDIAC REHAB!! :) Hal won "Funniest" pumpkin!

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