Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bike Houston's 37th Moonlight Ramble

Happy Belated Halloween Everyone!!! We spent the day preparing for our early morning ride through downtown Houston for some Moonlight Madness!!! :) It was quite chilly at 47 degrees but there were around 1300 other whacky folks that participated in what was termed "a rolling party!"

As my "voyage" organized "open route" ride [which really means "pray-for-your-life-because-drivers-don't-like-cyclists"], I entered the evening with a few nerves! Thanks to all of my cycling angels above....M & I had a safe and superfun ride! It was a short one at 10 miles but energizing in every way! :)

I just have to share a few things I learned last night:
1. Houston Police are SERIOUS about biking rules of the road. NO FUNNY BUSINESS!
2. You MUST give loose gravel and sand on the road proper RESPECT! :)
3. Someone shouting "CAR BACK" means MOVE OVER DUMMY!!!
4. Biker shorts were invented for a reason!
5. I have a new appreciation for an open route especially when involving possibly drunk Halloween party-goers & confused drivers as to why there are ?*##!!^**"?! bicyclists riding in the middle of the night! LIGHT YOURSELF AND YOUR BIKE PEOPLE!! Seriously--why would anyone question the need for that?????!!

I'm hoping to get a gang of friends to participate in this event next year! SO ANYONE interested---> let me know! Remember--> a ROLLING party!! WOOHOO!!

A blurry view of our position at the starting line...I think we were in the 7th wave to start! (Remember my night photo skills leave a lot to be desired!)

AT the finish line!! WOOT!! (My self portrait skills need some work as well! heehee)

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Jeff, Brandy and Andy said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Glad to hear you made it to the finish line! Way to go! Love you guys!