Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Mary Elizabeth is here!! :)

I'm so happy to announce that my little niece was born today around 12:50ish as best I have been told!! Her name is Mary Elizabeth! Her nickname will be her initials spelled LONG (or actually spelled backwards then forwards again *heehee*)--> Emme! She weighed 7# 14oz. & is 18.75 inches long! They "say" she has red hair but the picture I have seen doesn't look very red to me??? Maybe its auburn or maybe they have all gone color blind??? I'll post the facts when I see more evidence :) I'm praying that whatever color it is---> she hopefully inherited her Mama's beautiful curls!! :)

Poppa X was there representing all of the absent McCoys and calling out the updates to the girls while Nonna spent the morning and afternoon with Andy!!!! Brandy did great and is out of recovery in her room with the precious bundle of joy! Jeff is the proud Daddy handling everything else!! :)

I am SO sad to be in Houston now but SO HAPPY both mother and daughter (who now share a birthday) are doing well!!! I have been getting frequent updates from the homefront and a peek at some beautiful pictures of our newest family member!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDY!!!! I'm SO HAPPY you and little Emme are safe!! What a great birthday present--> a bouncing baby girl!! CONGRATS TO YOU, JEFF & ANDY!!!

Andy has already gotten to hold his little sis!! Nonna & Poppa say he was really sweet saying "my sister." I hope there are many pictures of that moment for us all to see SOON!!

YAY!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited to be an Auntie AGAIN!! :) Enjoy the pictures I sniped from Jeff's blog below:

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