Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brought to tears...

I have been a ball of emotion today FULL of excitement that my little niece has come into the world safely...praying for scores of angels to watch over Brandy and the baby on the way...HAPPY that our small family is being blessed with growth again...sad that I am not in the middle of the action where I am most comfortable and happy...I have had a "grip" all day...with only a few tears when hearing the "She's here" news. Overall--very proud of myself for keeping it together.

BUT (you all felt that "But" coming, didn't you?) when I saw the pictures below a few moments ago--> I became a hot mess! I am SO smitten with my Andy! When I see his little face looking at and holding his new sister--it just melts me from the inside! It is one of those "thinking about life" moments! It brings a flood of memories of how lucky I am to have the best little brother in the world! Our relationship has always been super close...our family has been through many trials & tribulations coming out of each with all of us even closer. I pray that Andy & Emme can be as close as Jeff and I have been! I can hardly wait to watch them grow up! I wish for them many days of making mudpies...playing Mardi Gras...jumping on tractor tires...playing in sand boxes...playing house...playing with trucks/cars AND dolls...watching cartoons together...waking up for Santa together...riding bikes...getting dirty...splashing in the hose...water balloon fights...and yes, even the fights! Godspeed little ones...

I'm SO happy for my little bro and sis-in-law! They are so deserving of these two beautiful children! I'm so happy to be an Auntie again! I can only hope to do as great of a job as my Aunt Harriett! (Maybe she'll send me guidance)

Here come the adorable pics that caused you all to have to "listen" to my emotional flood! Thanks for coming along on my bloggy journey!

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