Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday fun with Andy!!

There is a story that goes with these pictures :)!!!

My globe trotting father reportedly debated about what in the world to bring the baby from Italy! (note: he should NEVER EVER worry b/c he has an innate sense with gift giving)

Apparently there was a little monkey that wanted very much to visit the U.S.A. He was hanging off of a shelf when he saw the tall red bearded man come into the shop. Being a mischievous monkey (something like my beloved Curious George) he managed to climb onto the tall man's shoulder whispering his wish to traverse the ocean for America! Voila' ....the monkey's wish would come true!! After snuggling into the tightly packed suitcase of the man he now knew as Poppy, the little monkey was introduced to another red bearded man, his wife & a little redheaded boy! The stories of the monkey's homeland were rich with culture and ADVENTURE! The afternoon of listening and looking lead the redheaded family to dub the little monkey ---ROBERTO!!! It is said that Roberto and Redheaded Andy live to this day happily as BFF's forever!!

REALLY IT IS ALL TRUE! I have the pictures to prove it :) See below:

Andy & his BFF Roberto!

Andy LOVES Roberto!!

SO CUTE!! :)

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MississippiZen said...

I am sure that Roberto and the red-head will have lots of adventures together!