Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Weekend!

I was blessed to have my family come to Houston for the Thanksgiving holidays! I miss them all and it was truly wonderful to have them in the new home! I keep the belief that my house SMILES when it is full!

We had fun watching the now quadriped Andy (LOOK OUT WORLD!!), cooking, chatting, eating, etc. We had a wonderful visit with a close friend of the family who was kidnapped by us all for an extra night! It was terrific to catch up and enjoy good times together again! Thanks go out for making the trip down to my Austin Aunt! :)

I'll be brief here so to get on with the Andy pics ;):

On all 4's & soon to be crawling!

My first Thanksgiving table with lots of Dad's help & creativity ;)

Did anyone else feel like this after dinner?

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MississippiZen said...

The table is beautiful. How blessed you are to have parents to help you decorate! Andy is adorable as ever!