Monday, June 11, 2007


For anyone who wants to read the COMPLETE moving saga scroll down to the entry for May 25th where all of the fun starts!! :)

Yes, I have actually had a home for a couple of weeks now! BUT:
1) I'm still sleeping on an air mattress,
2) Betsy likes the actual mattress which is residing in the dining room b/c I can't drag it up the stairs without inflicting damage on said new home,

3) I THINK I may have finished unpacking the last box labeled kitchen,
4) I was supposed to start working TODAY but since a screw up and backlog at the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners have NO IDEA when I'll actually be a licensed OT in the state of Texas,
5) On ONE (and only one) occasion the "kids" have been able to coexist in the same room without causing mayhem and I have the pic below to prove it,

6) the garage STILL looks like I haven't removed EVEN ONE box for unpacking,
7) I GOT the lawnmower to start and succeeded in cutting grass once but it needs it again,
8) we have a 'surprise' guest in the really tiny yard who I'm not sure what to do with as it is a grave for a pup named Charlie,
9) I've been to Home Depot more times than I can count,
10) I'm having a big pity party complete with alcohol this week if anyone would like to join me!!!!!!!

OH WELL, INTO EACH LIFE A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL!!!!!!!! :) :D But, you know, Odie is happy so all should be good in the world!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Your house looks beautiful!!!!! And don't worry, take it from someone with experience, you will have plenty of room for all your stuff and much much more even if you leave half of it in boxes forever. I still have boxes that have not been unpacked from 3 yrs ago. They're just conviently hid away. Keep sending pics so I can keep up with you.

Love kelly

MississippiZen said...

I love love love the new house and can't wait to visit it in a few days! I miss you :( ... is it because I just feel like you are so much further away now?