Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sharing a bit of Spring!! :)

The weather this weekend---> SPECTACULAR!!!! Perfect time to share some shots of Spring in my yard!! Hope everyone is having a terrific time doing ANYTHING outside!! :) I LOVE IT!!

Matt took this one! We keep finding reasons to get a macro lens for the camera! :)

This hibiscus has been with me since grad school in Dallas a LONG time ago! Matt took this shot too!

Here are the mini impatiens you sent me Mom! THANX!! :)

Johnny Jump-ups x2!

Star Jasmine finally happy on a trellis!

Possibly the last hurrah for the miniature petunia!?!

Hey Jake! Thanks for the help getting my new baby into the pot! Check out the future lemons!! :) AND a teeny neon fly ;)

Hey Dad...Mom...whaddayathink? Is it dead? Or are those itty bitty leaves distal to the blooms a hope for life? Poor little abused avocado tree!

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