Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 BP MS150 Update!!

I know....I know....It's been MONTHS since April!! So this is a BIG back post!! I finally edited some of the video from the 150 and thought if there is anyone out there who is still interested in seeing it...a late post is in order! I'm still trying to get some copies of pictures & will add those to the blog some day.

We had a fantastic time! We didn't come close to making the whole thing!! (But we knew that going in!) I made 37 miles and Matt made 59!! I am sooooo proud of him!! The second day was very stormy in the beginning so we did NOT ride to Austin. We helped clean up and pack up everything ---> and home we went for a LLLLOOONNNNNGGGG nap!

Anyone who wants the short glimpse of our adventure please watch the first video...running time just under 2 minutes!

BUT if you want the complete LOOK into the silliness that ensued after the ride you are welcome to watch the EXTENDED version...running time just under 10 minutes! (and don't say I didn't warn you *heehee*)

Thanks to everyone who supported us and our journey to the MS150! It is a fantastic cause that we are happy to be a part of! I'm not sure if we are done with this event yet?!?!? Matt wants to finish it....I would love to at least make it through Day One!! :) We shall see! It will be here again before you know it! Stay tuned bicycle enthusiasts.....or just anyone who is entertained by our attempts at cycling!


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