Thursday, September 11, 2008

But doesn't everyone??

Doesn't everyone get ready for a hurricane by completely disassembling their garage door and emptying the garage OUT onto the neighboring patio and house (YES THE HOUSE!!! AAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!) all while screaming at each other lovingly through the stress?? Have you ever tried to get a repairman on the morning a category 3 hurricane is supposed to make landfall over your town????

Our Hurricane Ike saga REALLY DID start this way! People-->I'm not making this stuff up!!

It started off innocently with us trying to quickly "ready" ourselves for the storm Thursday after work (because you see I had to report to the hospital for DISASTER TEAM A by 11 am the next day)! SO we began gathering plants, patio furniture, etc. to put into the garage and LO AND BEHOLD the door self destructs right in front of us ---> we were literally left with the top piece falling into the garage and the rest crooked in the opening not moving up or down!!!!!!!!!!!! OH BOY!!!! We did have a fabulously good time DISMANTLING the thing with a screwdriver.....then reassembling it sans the spring mechanism so that it could be fixed the next day by OUR-HERO-THE-GARAGE-DOOR-FIXIN'-MAN-WHO-SAVED-THE-DAY!!

MONEY PIT WINS AGAIN!!!!!! Current score: Moneypit 6 Malwitzs 0

This was the "bent" panel that fell in on top of us! WOOHOO!!

Here is the beginning of the "garage into the house" MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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