Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally HOME!!

My poor SO had to ride out his first "real" hurricane at home with the kidz! I think from the best I can tell they spent a lot of time sleeping once they lost power!! We did a lot of text messaging back and forth during the storm (the worst of it was somewhere around 3 to 4am). Of course noone really got any sleep....I spent the evening wondering if the walkway which was tearing apart outside the window where I was would blow through it.....EEK!

I was SO BLESSED that as soon as I got home from the "lockdown" experience...our house got power. We were nearly the FIRST group to get power returned in Houston!! YIPEE!!! It was the best shower!! We only had minimal damage at home to the roof, the garage roof, lots of tree parts down and the fence down around our itty-bitty yard!

The 'we-coulda-done-without-that' news is our insurance deductible is SOOOO high----EEP!! Moneypit 7 Malwitzs 0

We opened Hotel Malwitz to our friends who didn't yet have power for a few days and now things are getting back to normal. Some incredible elves came to help us clean things up and the piles out front are as tall as me!

We were also blessed by one of my favorite angels that we had many USEFUL items which made our hurricane readiness READY :) Batteries, Coleman lanterns, weather radio, & battery operated fans were cherished items during and after the storm by both of us from my dear Aunt H. She would probably get a chuckle out of the fact that we are still using batteries she sent us for Hurricane Katrina survival now for Hurricane Ike! :)

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